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03 Polaris Pred Valve Problem

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A week ago I could not even get close to starting it. But now I adjusted the valves (exhaust valve was not closed). i got it running but would not run without choke. i adjusted the float because it was to low tried starting it up again and it would not even start. So i went back and looked at the valves and the valve was now open again so i adjusted it and it started right up and ran perfect without choke. So i put it all back together thinking it was ready to go. Started it up and let it run for a little bit. i turned it off and tried starting it again there was NOTHING. took it apart and there was 0 compression and the exhaust valve was open again. I am completely lost need help PLEASE!!!:aargh::aargh::aargh:

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    • By JacobSlabach
      got 7 atvs off CL recently for a good price.  one of which is a yamaha warrior.  anyone know where the vin is printed on this bike?  Haha good place to start as I do not know year or size yet.  The former owner says needs exhaust ans and clutch work.  he said it ran fine until the clutch cable broke and then I couldn't get the new cable adjusted right and it would grind gears.  things I see:  clutch cable locked up again, no brakes, carb leaking (green with algae around the bowl and has gelled gas stalagtights on it), aftermarket exhaust melted the airbox so I need something different and a new air box.  I would like the use the current exhaust if I can but I have a feeling its a redneck fix as it looks like there is an ace bandage holding it to the exhaust pipe (its an aftermarket slip-on exhaust), so I'm not sure about that- lets get the bike running first.  also, battery (looks brand new, what a shame) is dead, 0 volts.  Otherwise, bike looks to have not been wrecked, and plastics are ok (it sat outside under a 'tarp' for 3+ years since it was run last).  any tips and advise on where to start first would be awesome as this is my first clutched bike (manual).
      the clutch is my main concern- I've never rode a clutched bike so I dont even know what its supposed to feel like.  lol I'm spoiled on my automatic polaris 
    • By Nate Hanson
      I am a new atv owner...I bought a used atv this summer (pretty sure it is a wolverine but reg card from last owner didnt actually say that so idk for sure). It ran great for most the summer and early fall but one day I tried starting it and it turned over a while without starting and then suddenly it quit turning over at all. No click or anything.
      I charged battery and light turns on showing neutral and heatlight can go on.
      A few other things that may be pertinent: The pull start is missing, I have a fluke multimeter but not many other advanced tools (or relevant experience), there is an extra aftermarket led light attached to front but it doesnt work either... never looked into why since I didnt need it. 
      I looked for a fuse box and didnt find one.
      Please recommend some easier things to try first as I really want to avoid taking it in if I can (having one income and 4 kids can keep out extra cash, plus I want to learn). Pictures would be awesome if possible. Thanks! 
    • By Jay Reddick
      Hey guys, need some help with my 2016 Yamaha Kodiak 700 4x4.  Was riding and it started smoking below the air box and then Caught fire.  We got the fire put out quickly with a fire extinguisher.  Many of the wires below the air box got damaged.   I purchased a new wiring harness for the atv and replaced that as well as any other damaged cables or parts that burned up where the fire was.  I also replaced the regulator, the ECU, and the starter solenoid. I also replaced the stater since some of the cables that went to the regulator were damaged.  It acts like it will crank but it won’t turn over.   The fuel pump initialized when I turn the key so it’s working.  I’ve spend $1500 on parts and no luck yet.  Any suggestions?  
    • By Dwight Williams
      Ok, so I bought a 2006 bayou 250 for 200 bucks, kid couldn't start it and had no idea why it wouldn't run, I pulled the rope and felt what I thought was valve to piston contact, he wanted 500 and I talked him down to 200 and brought it home.  Sure enough, timing was way far out, timing chain incredibly loose.  So for fun I re-tensioned the timing chain and re timed it, got about 120lbs of compression, pretty low.  I cannot get the chain very tight but the the tensioner seems to work fine, the chain guides don't look very worn.  Also, when I took the head off the valves don't look bent and the piston has no discernible marks on it.  Is this an interference engine?  I sure thought I felt some contact with the pull rope but maybe no permanent damage was done?  Anyway, I plan on doing a full top end job as well as timing chain tensioners and hopefully that'll cure it.  Is there any reason other than chain stretch (I measured it and it's ok) or guide wear that would cause the chain to be so loose?  Thanks!
    • By PolarisRich
      I've never done this before but after reading a few thread I decided to check my valves for the first time and to my surprise it was much easier than I thought.
      My bike is a 2005 Sp 500 HO.
      I first pulled the seat and the right side panel off, and that's it! It wasn't too bad to get at.
      Next I pulled the spark plug out and removed both the head cover ( 8-8mm bolts)
      then the side cam cover (5-8mm bolts).
      Also remove the plug in the recoil cover (14mm bolt) to see the timming marks.
      Next I turned the engine over with the pull cord untill it was at TDC of the compression stroke.
      The best was to tell that your at TDC of the compression stroke is to rotate the engine until the
      timing marks are parallel to rocker cover gasket surface.
      The cam sprocket locating pin will be facing upward directly in line with the crankshaft to camshaft center line.
      Now fine adjust by looking into the timing hole in the recoil cover and line up the upside down "T" on
      the flywheel into the center of the hole.
      Now using a feeler gauge, slide the .006" (.15mm)blade between the top of the valve and the bottom of the adjuster and adjust accordingly
      To adjust, Loosen the locknut (10mm) and check clearance with a feeler guage. Clearance should be .006" (.15mm) for both, intake and exhaust valves. Turn the adjuster with a stubby flat blade screwdriver untill the proper clearance is achieved then tighten the locknut (5.8-7.2 ft. lbs) while holding the adjuster in place with the screwdriver. Re-check the clearance with the feeler guage one last time and re-assemble the covers (72 in.lbs) and plugs.
      The only thing that i noticed was that I had to clean and silicone the side cam cover other than that I found the whole process rather simple.
      I'd give it a 4 out of 10 on the skill level scale.
      I hope this helps!
      Thanks Rich

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    • By Christian Brindle
      I have a 2000 Polaris Sportsman 500. The Speedometer got water inside of it and it sat for a long time. So now that speedometer is trashed to say the least and i need to find a replacement. I don't want to put up the cash for an oem one so i was wondering if anyone knew any good speedometers out there i could use. I've found many speedometers i like but don't know how i'd wire it up without the same connection points. Thanks, any input is appreciated
    • By Christian Brindle
      I've already posted here once about this ATV. Lots of people suggested i check the cam and after a couple months i finally got around to attacking it. I got it all apart and got the cam/rockers out. I'm almost positive they need to be replaced, they're pretty scored up and don't look too hot. Just wanted some final opinions before i drop the money on it. I'll also take feedback on the new cam i've chosen.
      Old Cam: 
      New Cam: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2GM2J05FQQPCD?ref_=wl_share
      Old Forum: 
      Thank You.
    • By james p
      Hey all new member so I'm sorry if this isn't the correct place to post, but I'm having trouble with a 2000 polaris magnum 500 I just acquired. The quad ran when I got it but was having problems that sounded like the camshaft, and sure enough camshaft lobe was pretty much gone, so we replaced the camshaft and exhaust rockers and now the quad doesnt have spark. We had the quad running right before we tore the old camshaft out and now no spark. Anybody else ever have a problem similar? We've been checking for loose wires, checked grounds, and double checked timing but cant get it figured out so any advice would be appreciated! Thanks 
    • By GatorHunter
      Clymer ATV Manual - Polaris ATVs
      You can also find ATV Manuals on Amazon.
      Here is my list, some I have had, some I got online
      I have put all Manuals on my dedicated server, so the links won't go dead. Most the manuals listed below are on the server and there may be some on the server that's not on the list. Scroll to the bottom of this post to get the link.
      If you need a Manual that's not on the list, leave a reply, I will try to locate it, if I can't, I'm sure another member would share if they have it.
      If you have manuals that are not in the list and you would like to share them, leave a reply, with a link to your manuals and I will add them to my post so they are all in one spot.
      Thank you, and enjoy
      1985 thru 1995 Polaris Service Manual
      Below is the list of machines this Manual covers
      1985 Scrambler
      1985 Trail Boss
      1986 Scrambler
      1986 Trail Boss
      1987 Trail Boss
      1987 Trail Boss 4X4
      1987 Cyclone
      1988 Trail Boss 2X4
      1988 Trail Boss 4X4
      1988 Trail Boss 250 R/ES
      1989 Trail Boss
      1989 Trail Boss 2X4
      1989 Trail Boss 4X4
      1989 Big Boss 4X6
      1990 Trail Blazer
      1990 Trail Boss 250
      1990 Trail Boss 2X4
      1990 Trail Boss 2X4 350L
      1990 Trail Boss 4X4
      1990 Trail Boss 4X4 350L
      1990 Big Boss 4X6
      1991 Trail Blazer
      1991 Trail Boss 250
      1991 Trail Boss 2X4
      1991 Trail Boss 2X4 350L
      1991 Trail Boss 4X4
      1991 Trail Boss 4X4 350L
      1991 Big Boss 4X6
      1991 Big Boss 6X6
      1992 Trail Blazer
      1992 Trail Boss 250
      1992 Trail Boss 2X4
      1992 Trail Boss 2X4 350L
      1992 Trail Boss 4X4
      1992 Trail Boss 4X4 350L
      1992 Big Boss 4X6
      1992 Big Boss 6X6
      1993 250 2X4
      1993 350 2X4
      1993 250 4X4
      1993 350 4X4
      1993 250 6X6
      1993 350 6X6
      1993 Trail Boss
      1993 Trail Blazer
      1993 Sportsman
      1994 300 2X4
      1994 400 2X4
      1994 300 4X4
      1994 400 4X4
      1994 300 6X6
      1994 400 6X6
      1994 Trail Boss 2W
      1994 Trail Blazer 2W
      1994 Sportsman 4X4
      1994 Sport
      1995 300 2X4
      1995 400 2X4
      1995 300 4X4
      1995 400 6X6
      1995 Trail Boss
      1995 Trail Blazer
      1995 Sportsman 4X4
      1995 Sport
      1995 Xplorer 4X4
      1995 Scrambler
      1995 Magnum 2x4
      1995 Madnum 4X4
      1996 thru 1998 Polaris Service Manual
      Below is the list of machines this Manual covers
      1996 Trail Blazer
      1996 Trail Boss
      1996 Xplorer 300
      1996 Xpress 300
      1996 Xplorer 400
      1996 Xpress 400
      1996 Sport
      1996 Scrambler 4X4
      1996 Sportsman 4X4
      1996 Sportsman 500
      1996 400 6X6
      1996 Magnum 2X4
      1996 Magnum 4X4
      1996 Magnum 6X6
      1997 Trail Blazer
      1997 Trail Boss
      1997 Xplorer 300
      1997 Xpress 300
      1997 Xplorer 400
      1997 Xpress 400
      1997 Xplorer 500
      1997 Sport 400
      1997 Scrambler 4X4
      1997 Scrambler 500
      1997 Sportsman 4X4
      1997 Sportsman 500
      1997 400 6X6
      1997 Magnum 2X4
      1997 Magnum 4X4
      1997 Magnum 6X6
      1998 Trail Blazer
      1998 Trail Boss
      1998 Xplorer 300
      1998 Xpress 300
      1998 Sport 400
      1998 Scrambler 400
      1998 Scrambler 500
      1998 Xplorer 400
      1998 Magnum 2X4
      1998 Magnum 4X4
      1998 Sportsman 500
      1998 Big Boss 500 6X6
      1996 thru 2003 Sportsman 400 and 500, Xplorer 500 4X4 Service Manual
      Below is the list of machines this Manual covers
      1996 Sportsman 400
      1996 Sportsman 500
      1996 Xplorer 500 4X4
      1997 Sportsman 400
      1997 Sportsman 500
      1997 Xplorer 500 4X4
      1998 Sportsman 400
      1998 Sportsman 500
      1998 Xplorer 500 4X4
      1999 Sportsman 400
      1999 Sportsman 500
      1999 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2000 Sportsman 400
      2000 Sportsman 500
      2000 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2001 Sportsman 400
      2001 Sportsman 500
      2001 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2002 Sportsman 400
      2002 Sportsman 500
      2002 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2003 Sportsman 400
      2003 Sportsman 500
      2003 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2001 Sportsman 90 Service Manual
      2001 Scrambler 50 and 90 Service Manual
      2001 Sportsman 500 DUSE Parts Manual rev.2
      2001 Sportsman 500 HO Parts Manual rev.3
      2001 Sportsman 500 DUSE HO Parts Manual rev.3
      2001 Sportsman 500 RSE HO Parts Manual rev.3
      2001 Worker 500 Parts Manual rev.3
      2002 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual rev. 1
      2002 Big Boss 6X6 INTL Parts Manual rev.1
      2002 Sportsman 500 HO Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 RSE Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 DUSE Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman X Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 HO Freedom Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 PSE HO Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Desert Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Worker 500 Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual rev.2
      2002 Sportsman 700 Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 6X6 Owners Manual
      2003 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual rev.1
      2003 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 400 and 500 HO Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual
      2003 Sportsman 500 HO Parts Manual
      2003 Sportsman 600 and 700 Owners Manual
      2003 Sportsman 600 and 700 Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual rev.4
      2003 Predator Parts Manual rev. 1
      2003 Trail Boss 330 Service Manual
      2004 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual
      2004 Sportsman 6X6 Owners Manual
      2004 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2004 Sportsman 400,500,600 and 700 Owners manual
      2004 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 600 Parts Manual rev.2
      2004 Sportsman 600 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 600 and 700 Service Manual
      2004 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual rev.2
      2004 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual
      2004 Sportsman 700 MV Parts Manual
      2004 Sportsman 700 MV Service Manual
      2004 Ranger 2X4 Parts Manual
      2004 Ranger 4X4 Parts Manual
      2004 Ranger 6X6 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 6X6 Owners Manual
      2005 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2005 Sportsman 400,500.600 and 700 Owners Manual
      2005 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 400 and 500 Service Manual
      2005 Sportsman 500 HO/INT'L Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 600 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 700 EFI Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 700 EFI and 800 EFI Service Manaul
      2005 Sportsman 800 EFI Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman MV7 Parts Manaul
      2005 Sportsman MV7 Service Manual
      2006 Outlaw 500 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 450 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 500 EFI Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 500 X2 EFI Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 700 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 800 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 800 EFI Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 700 MV Parts Manual
      2007 Sportsman 700 MV Service Manual
      2007 Outlaw 500 Service Manual
      2007 Ranger 700 EFI 6X6 Parts Manual
      2007 Ranger XP 4X4 Service Manual
      2007 Ranger XP 6X6 Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 500 Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 500 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman X2 500 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman Touring 500 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman X2 700 Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 800 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 800 Touring Service Manual
      2008 Ranger 6X6 700 EFI Parts Manual
      2009 Sportsman 6X6 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 90 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 300 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 400 HO Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 500 HO Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 500 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman X2 500 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman Touring 500 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman X2 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman Touring 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 550 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 550 EPS Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 850 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 850 EPS Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 90 Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 450 MXR Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 525 S Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 525 IRS Service Manual
      2009 Predator 50 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger RZR Service Manual
      2009 Ranger RZR S Service Manual
      2009 Ranger INT'L Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 2x4 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 4x4 Crew Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 6x6 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 500 4x4 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Ranger RZR 170 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger XP 700 4x4 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger HD 700 4x4 Service Manual
      2009 Scrambler 500 Service Manual
      2009 Trail Blazer 330 Service Manual
      2009 Trail Boss 330 Service Manual
      2010 Ranger RZR Service Manual
      2010 Ranger RZR S Service Manual
      2010 Ranger INT'L Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR SW Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR S Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR 4 Service Manual
      Other Stuff
      2500lb Polaris Winch Install Instructions and Parts List
      2500lb Warn Winch Install Instructions
      2500lb Warn Winch Parts Manual
      Warn Winch Motor Rotation Instructions
      Warn - The Basic Guide to Winching Techniques
      Sportsman 600 and 700 Ignition Replacement Kit Install Instructions
      Polaris Special Tools - ATV,Snowmobile,Watercraft
      Download Manuals HERE
    • By Christian Smith
      Recently bought a Polaris 425 Xpedition. Main issue is that the quad randomly misfires sometimes. ONLY does it at idle. Everything sounds good. What should I look for? Haven't checked the plug, seems a bit hard to get to, not sure. Headlights flicker at idle as well, is this a sign of a weak stator? Help? 
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