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That is all based on traffic, back links, etc. It's difficult to put a value on niche site. I've seen that calculator before. It is amazing how much some of those sites are worth.

Here is one that values it at $13,650

Website Value Calculator - What is your website worth?

Again, these value calculators base their results on traffic, page rank, linkks, relevency, etc...

If you have an overall community not specific to a certain niche, you will have more traffic, uniquie visits, etc...increasing the value on the calculator..

So, in my opinion, it is extremeley inaccurate.

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Here is a great example of a site that is showing a value that is way below what it was purchased for and is worth. iATN - International Automotive Technicians' Network is an automotive technician's network that was recently purchased iATN Purchased by Identifix Parent - SEARCH-autoparts.com

The website calculator is showing the site worth $8,717

It was purchased for a allot more! :wink:

It's interesting though...how accurate or inaccurate it can be.

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Yeah i knew it wasnt going to be the right prices just found it kinda interesting and fun.

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Probably a little bit more nowadays...:cute:

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