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Kazuma Meerkat 50cc Starting Problem

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So brought my son a meerkat kazuma 50cc quad bike on Friday. When we got it the battery was dead old so we brought a new one. Connected the battery yesterday everything worked fine he was riding it around no problem. Went to take it out this morning I live in a flat so started the quad on the landing to make sure everything was ok it started no problem carried it down the stairs went to start it and it won't start it makes a noise but won't actually start can anyone help???

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  • Admin changed the title to Kazuma Meerkat 50cc Starting Problem

@Sophy Osborn I would check all your cables from your battery to your starter, make sure they are tight. Is this an older ATV, sounds like you bought used, do you know what year it is? It could have a bad starter with a low spot so what you could do when it doesn't start, tap the starter with a small hammer a few times to see if it then starts. Then you know its a bad starter. You could also jump the starter directly off the battery if you have some wire/cables to see if it starts and isolate a bad starter.

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17 minutes ago, Sophy Osborn said:

I have done what you said and it's started,will this keep being a continuous problem? And if he continues to ride it will it cause further damage to the quad? 

So you tapped it with a hammer and it started? If so, you may just need to replace that starter motor. I would test a few times again when it doesn't start. You can find these online and if it looks like the image below you can get it on Amazon for @$24



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3 minutes ago, Sophy Osborn said:

Yep it started then took it outside it started again. Went to start riding and it cut out, tried the tapping again didn't work. Do you think the valve could need tightening? It was fine all day yesterday running with no problems first time. I'm so confused lol 

What valve are you referring to? It could also be the starter relay or solenoid, not sure what that ATV has. Is there something like this around the starter area? 

Kazuma Starter Solenoid

This solenoid is also available on amazon for @ $12 so the good thing is that these parts aren't too expensive but you'll need to see exactly what you need with some further tests. You could jump the solenoid directly from the battery when its not starting to see if it starts. If it does, you've isolated that it's not the starter or solenoid and you need to work back up to the batter and ignition.

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