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Suzuki lt50 genuine or replica

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IMG_20180401_225603003.thumb.jpg.2b9487bdcd8f9a82c41a8a78e4c8b68e.jpgIMG_20180401_225603003.thumb.jpg.2b9487bdcd8f9a82c41a8a78e4c8b68e.jpgI have recently purchased what I believe to be a suzuki lt50 for my kids, however, I have ran a check in the vin/frame (LWGZABL0040K00068) and it appears to be made by chongqing hyonsung. The bike looks identical to a suzuki lt50, it has the following:

- separate fuel and 2 stroke tanks, no premixing

- has suzuki 's' on the engine cover and also has 'suzuki made in japan' embossed on the engine

- all parts/plastics look identical to a suzuki

I have added some photos of the quad, can someone shed some light on this?












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I  searched  on your  vin  and  got the same origin information.   Following  links to  another forum  and  others  found the same , so  they  suspect that particular  model  may  be  farmed out  by  Suzuki  to  a  Chinese manufacturer in Taiwan (  Linmax ) According to  information  I  found in the search all  parts  are identical  and many,  including the motor  are  genuine Suzuki. Someone  may  have  put the  Suzuki logos , or  plastics on a  Linmax  made  quad.

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Thanks dave, that's interesting, I had thought the linmax models used a premix arrangement for the 2 stroke oil and petrol tank, only suzuki uses a separate oil tank? Everything on the bike engine wise is stamped/embossed suzuki with the exception of the vin number not being of suzuki origin. Are there any other differences between the suzuki and linmax that you are aware of? 

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None that  I  found in searches .. Some sites  did  say the  Linmax  had the  Suzuki  motor. According to  one ,  Suzuki  sold them rights to  build  the  Linmax copy of the  earlier LT50   with  the old suspension  when  Suzuki  went  to  the  new  model with better suspension.   Also  supplied   Linmax with engines , so  if yours  has the oil  injection  it   is  likely  genuine  Suzy engine  in  Linmax cloned frame.  Onr thing  not  advertised  by   many auto  and sport  machines  is   many of their  parts  are  actually  jobber  manufactured for them  in Taiwan.  You  might  buy a   Polaris ,  Kawasaki,  Yamaha  quad ,  or  some  autos  and find  parts and accessories were  actually   made in Taiwan..  Kymco  is  one   example  of a company  that  builds their  own  quads,  and  parts for  several  other   makes .  It wouldn't surprise  me  if the  Linmax  maker  also makes   some  parts  for  others .

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Sorry ,  I  couldn't say one way or another..  All   I  know is what  I  got from  searches  since I  have no  first hand knowledge  of them  myself.  I  would suspect from  what I read there are  no real differences, but as  I  say ,  I  have no  first hand  experience with them. Since I am  retired  and  have time to  search ,  I  don't  mind  trying to help  others  find  information   on their  toys.


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Thanks dave I appreciate your help :) I wanted a genuine suzuki as I had one when I was a kid and loved it. At least the engine is definately suzuki, the frame from what I can see from comparing photos and research online looks identical. I've just noticed aswell my bike has not got 'suzuki' written on the throttle case, it's is however identical to the suzuki cover (minus the suzuki branding) 

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