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I got this new ARCHOS 404 DVR and helmet cam combo....

Hoping that the picture Quality was as good as my last Cam but I have to say that it is not.....It is however, Easier to use....1 Cord and 1 button to push...The DVR powers the Camera and has a Remote Start/Stop button and fits in to the Pocket of my Flannel Shirt(No more Back Pack!)....The Video it takes looks REAL GOOD on the playback Screen which is about 6" but the Quality seems to be distorted when uploaded to Youtube....plays much better on my Screen at home when downloaded on the Computer....The computer Recognizes it as an external Hard Drive so I was able to download Direct to Youtube....I wish the Quality was there!!! Oh well....Maybe next time....

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sjSf_EW0AI]YouTube - Archos[/ame]

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Pretty nice, you know you can upload this here at QUADCRAZY or even import it from Youtube...Video Upload

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When I get some Actual Ride footage Ill try and do that....Im still trying to Figure out this Camera....:wink: I might go out in the next couple of weeks and do some God Forsaken TRAIL riding the DIRT:no: just to try and get it set up for me....Then I will post something....But for some Reason....It wount download to my Video Software that I had for the other Cam.....I think I just need to walk away for a while then come back...:biggrin:

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Me too....the one I just sold was better but not Compatible with this DVR....This is the only Camera compatible with it and it is only 420 Lines.....My other was 480....Now I see they have a 580:aargh: But the latter Two are not compatible....Hopefully they come out with a Better one in the next few yrs....I still cant get over how easy this one is to operate....In just under 30 Seconds I can be connected and Recording....:RANDY:

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I've been thinking of getting one, but the Video recorder I have now will not hook up to a external camera source. I've seen alot now with their own storage. I'm just looking for best quality at the best price.

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