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wow, call me crazy, but after the first 10 times I wrecked my bike trying to make it up the hill, I'd call it quits.....dumbass

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That first one with the LT almost made me cry. I love hill climbs though.

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You callin me a Dumbass???

haha, if that's a video of you then i guess so:elvis:but you really can't be that crazy to keep trying to do something that makes you wreck over and over...wouldn't your body be hurting after the first 5 times you flew off and landed?!:aargh::laugh:

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That is awesome I totaled out my 98 banshee on an iron ore hill in Northern MN. Here is a video on me climbing a coal hill in PA. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coPkMnmd-VI]YouTube - Worked Banshee hillclimb in Freeland PA[/ame]

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Yeah i climbed it not realizing i forgot to tighten the chain adjustment bolts back up. When i got back down the chain was so loose i couldve taken it off the sprocket. One of my dumba$$ moments

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