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2004 Polaris 700 headgasket repair

Kenneth Obando

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Alright I'm am going to explain this teardown. 

1. Remove upper rack 4 t27 star bolts.

2. Remove front grill piece says polaris brand on it.

3. Remove plastic that covers the fuse brr. ( right under handle bars).

4.remove the metal part of the rack. 

5. Remove the front grille held in by few bolts. steps 4 and 5 are actually in wrong order do 5 first than 4.

6. Renove the seat really easy. 

7. Statt removing the front fender/ all front plastics as one assembly  simply loosen about the bottom 3 screws per side. Where fender meets with footrest plastic. Fender flares can stay on. Then remove gas cap, and screws on front fascia( fuse panel area -2 screws). 2 screws on plastics right under the seat as well. Then remove the cvt breather right near gas tank. Unlosen clamps and gently pull out. Might have to pull loose the airbox for this. Removal is needed anyways.

8. Remove upper assembly for headlight and loosen lower plastic of headlight assembly too so it can move easier.  

Then fight and semi gently pull plastics around handle bars with fenders and all. With it loose access will be radical. 


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9. Remove fuel tank put cap back on first pull it out as much as possible before removing fuel lines less mess this way and save the gas. After all loose pour in container.  Only 2-4 scres/bolts hold it on.

10.Then remove airbox start remove upper lid (if not done already). Will see now see bare filter, loosen clamps from carberautor side rubber boot and the airbox including filter will come out. 

11. Next it to remove carberator with intake as one piece.unloosen bolts that hold intake to the  head. Then unloosen bolts bolts that hold carberator bracket to frame. Carb will then have room to slide back I didn't undo cables or anything just slide it back out of the way.




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