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Oil drain plugs quadzilla 2008 320 e

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That plug is usually up in one of the holes on the skid plate.  It’s definitely there so you are going to have to really get under it and feel around.  Even wash it out. I had a Yamaha with  a skid plate.  It was packed with dried mud.  After a little hosing down and looking I found it.   As far as the oil level there should be a sight glass or an indicator level on the oil plug almost like a dip stick but one or the other it’s there.   As far as oil a good 10w40 will be fine.  There was actually a topic on this today in the forum about oils.  Take a look.  

Be gentle with that oil plug when removing and reinstalling. You over tighten it and it strips or even worse crack the engine casing  where the threads are.  

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That transmission plug should have a hex head flush type drain plug and it should be on the bottom same side as the fill cap.  Some of the engines on other manufacturers bikes had the gear boxes built right into the engine where the engine oil was also the gear box oil. Both pros and cons . I believe your bike has a separate transmission, locate the fill cap and look under the bike in the same area. 


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