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Have you been to or participated in an ATV Auction?

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Outside of ebay, have you ever been to an ATV auction? Sometimes there are towns, cities, counties, and states that auction off their atvs, stolen, recovered, repos and other atvs, utvs, side by sides. There are also online auctions all over the place. Just looking to see if anyone has gotten a good deal on something or has an auction they frequent.

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I have.  It’s an auction for motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs.  It was a Police auction. Pretty cool but you can’t touch, only look so you have no clue about the engine.  I picked up a kx 250 one time that was in excellent condition for $400 bucks.   As soon as I got my hands on it I found out the engine was completely destroyed Inside. 😢never the less I managed to get the new engine for another $600 and it worked great but I have to say it was fun to be at the auction. 


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didnt know they existed...  that would really put me off not being able to handle the atv I was looking at buying, but I totally understand why they do that--  some jerks just want to screw up stuff and then leave without undoing whatever they did..

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Here are some of the ones I was looking at online:






What made me think about it was I was driving out on Long Island and went by this DPW town garage. They had a fenced in area with about 20-30 atvs. I'm assuming they were impounds.

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whitestar auction is in Southern Michigan.  You can view their past  actions. Its first Saturday of the month.

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      Saw this in the news...was this anyone here?????  🤔
      13 ATVs and dirt bikes impounded from N.J. wildlife area. Riders face list of charges.
      State officials charged several people with various violations and impounded their ATVs and dirt bikes last weekend from the Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area in Ocean County, authorities said.
      Police officers with the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation were investigating illegal off-road vehicle use in the management area on Saturday, July 25 when two ATV riders tried to flee, officials said.
      When officers caught up with them, they issued summonses for criminal obstruction, interference with the duties of a conservation police officer, and violations of wildlife management area use. The two ATVs were impounded, police said.
      The next day, a group of ATV and dirt bike riders from northern New Jersey drove past several “NO ATV” signs posted in the wildlife area known as “clay holes.”
      Clay holes, or “blue holes” are former gravel or sand mines filled with water. They are popular, although dangerous, destinations for teenagers and adults looking to beat the summer heat.
      Officers issued summonses to the riders for illegally operating off-road vehicles and for driving unregistered vehicles. They also wrote tickets for illegal swimming, possession of alcohol and entering a restricted area.
      In all, 13 ATVs and dirt bikes were impounded. The owners are facing fines starting at $274, and impound, towing and storage fees of at least $300, conservation police said.
      In a statement, police said “only registered, insured, street-legal vehicles are permitted in Wildlife Management Areas. Vehicles may only be operated on established roads and parking areas.”

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      Safety Is A Concern For Kids ATVs
      The family is into racing ATVs and now the children want to get in on the action. How do you start with someone who is too young to drive a car, but yet sees other children their own age charging through the woods racing an ATV? A tough decision for parents, but with a lot of planning and instruction your kids ATV can become a reality.
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      It is recommended that the youngest kid ATV riders should have an ATV that has an engine with no more than 4.3 cubic inches. There are not too many choices at this size for kids ATVs, but you want to ensure that your child is not riding a machine that it too large for them to handle.
      As a concerned parent, you should check into the ATV Safety Institute. This group offers safety courses all over the country. The experienced instructors will teach you and your kids about pre-ride inspections, warm up exercises, braking, turning, and shifting. They also teach you about clutch and throttle control and about the importance of body position and simple maintenance. In addition they cover riding techniques and how to tackle obstacles, hills and different kinds of trails. All of these issues are important safety issues for your kids ATV riding.
      So, what are the features will your kid's ATV have? One company has an experienced team of ATV enthusiasts that work with you on your kids ATV to hand select the perfect one. Each ATV they have is designed with safety in mind and they offer a 4-point safety system which includes a throttle limiter, an emergency kill switch, a safety kill tether and a remote kill key. The kid ATVs are safe and they come with a 4 stroke engine, headlights, an electric start and disk brakes. This company that focuses on safety with kid ATVs is Motorxtremes. They want to make sure that every kids ATV is safe and that the rider follows all safety precautions.
      You should make sure that your kids ATV comes with all of the necessary additional safety equipment to make their ride as safe as possible. Every kid ATV rider should have a helmet with a full-face cover, goggles to keep dirt out of their eyes, gloves with finger and knuckle guards, a shirt with long sleeves and safety pads for their chest, shoulders, elbows and knees.
      Make sure you and your children know the rules of riding ATVs. While you can not ensure that your kids ATV rides will be completely accident free, you can help them by providing the best additional safety equipment available.
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      are the side by sides that rural king sell any good they look good
    • By 06kfx440
      It’s been a pleasure serving all of you. I can not ride anymore. My illness has turned to the worst and I can barely walk anymore. I will still be here helping where I can. I might just get an oddsey and work the sh!t out of it. But I’m done. I didn’t want to be in this situation. But I have to take it. It’s been so much fun here guys!
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