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Shadow soul60

Restoring Bayou 220 to original color

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So I want to bring my Bayou 220 back to the original green, and also replace the decals, which have been painted over. My brother painted everything, and I mean everything. The whole quad is painted in this hideous John deere green, with only some of the black parts not being green. I am repainting the dash, but what should I do to restore the original color? The plastic is infused with the color, so I was thinking maybe  just using something to attempt to dissolve the outer layer of plastic off to restore the green. What do you guys think?


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Welcome to Quadcrazy.  I’ve picked up a few bikes that have been painted over.  The best process I’ve used is a pressure washer to get the paint off.  Most plastics are hard to paint from a paint sticking standpoint.  Unless the plastics are properly sanded and prepped my guess is the paint will blast right  off.  

If the paint does come off and the plastics are in bad shape you can look the paint number up, buy it and have them properly sprayed for a few bucks at any auto body shop.  I did it once and they came out great.   

I sanded and prepped them myself. 

The dash I’ve painted a ton of them. Put blue painters tape over the neutral and reverse lights. Sand, clean and spray black pull the tape off and boom like new. 

Same with the handlebars.  Remove the controls, take the brake cables off and cut the grips off and  do the same with sanding etc.  It makes the bike look so much better. And takes about an hour.  I paint the brake levers included.  The only controls I take off are the lights and kill switch electrical items etc.   everything else stays on even the throttle.  Add some fresh grips while your there.  

You can buy a new seat cover and put it on yourself. 

When you have the plastics off wash the shit out of the bike and get some high heat paint for the exhaust pipe.  


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Posted (edited)

Plan is to repaint the motor, too. My brother bought a can of orange and used that to paint the engine. I'm thinking black for that and the rims. I might see if the nail polish remover method works, which might be the easiest method.

I got lucky with the headlight switch, as my brother was originally going to put it on the dash, but he went with shoving it into the gap between the fender and fuel tank; doesn't matter as I'm redoing the LED wiring to be hooked up to the auxillary terminals.

Edited by Shadow soul60

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I did my engine in black on my 400 bayou and it came out really well.   

I did the rims silver if I remember. The rims are easy also.  I used a light grade wire wheel in the drill and ran it all around. A little primer and paint and they came out great. 

If your leaving the tires on the rims then just use tape and news paper  around the rim to protect the tire.  Any paint gets on the tire a little gas on a rag takes it off.   

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