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Arctic Cat E-Parts Catalogs

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    • By 97kingquad
      Ok so I'm back lol 
      I got two arctic cat 300s that I am either trying to make one of the two or if possible I'll get them both running. I have a good start but I am struggling to find a wiring diagram that actually shows the connections.
      Both bikes were tore apart and some wiring was spliced and all screwed up so I have been tracing wires and redoing the connections. 
      On one bike I have a neutral light and it will let the use e start to turn starter motor, thing is on that bike the motor is stuck engaged so when I pull the pull cord it's turning the starter motor as well. 
      On the other bike it is free and works as it should but I can't get the neutral indicator light to come on. Or any for that matter. I have been going through the fuses which all have power as well as the e start switch. 
      I'm wondering if anyone has come across some similar issues, I am checking the neutral switch tonight, I have been checking the wiring and comparing it to the bike that is working (in that sense) but both bikes are missing some things 
      I'm wondering if it is a better option to pull the good motor out and rebuild it then put it into the bike with the indicator lights working. But on that bike all the bushings and linkages are toast so there's a lot of work to either bike. I'd like to at least get the engine to fire up before I invest too much energy into swapping motors.
      So if anyone has some info or can send me in the direction of a good wiring diagram it would be much appreciated. Thanks 

    • By erk mann
      Does anyone  know how to repair the gauges on these bikes? It's a well know problem. What component goes out in the display to render them useless? Anyone use a universal  one on their bike since the factory ones are so expensive?
    • By Indiana-George
      Anybody know what Arctic Cat airbox components are compatible with Suzuki?
    • By Wonderwoman
      I am hoping that someone here can give me some more ideas. Our poor old red 300 won't start. We rode it, running fine, shut it off and now it won't start. Have gas to the carb and spark at the plug. Valves are adjusted. Still won't start. Tried a little starting fluid in the air chamber and still won't start. This poor old machine has 7000 miles on it. That has to be an Arctic Cat record! And I have never touched the engine besides setting the valves. Unfortunatly it looks like it only has 60 psi of compression. Don't understand how it could be running fine and then nothing. Someone give me a clue as to what I am missing or what to check. I was going to rebuild the top end this next spring but didn't want to do that this winter in a non-heated garage. Any help?
    • ATV Service Manuals
    • By afterdinnerspeaker
      Hi Everyone!
      Recently, I could no longer start my Arctic Cat using the green starter button.
      Initially, the response was intermittant (sometimes it would start and other times in wouldn't).
      Finally, I get no response or sound by pressing the green button.

      I'm trying desperately to trace the wires from the green button but can't seem to follow.
      I took the button apart and cleaned the contacts but no difference (yet my instruments indicate contacts are OK).

      I inserted an image to show the wiring colors going into the green switch.
      I'm still able to start the machine by using a long screwdriver to short the starter.

      I'm hoping someone can help me find a possible break in the wiring or any other cause.

      Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!


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