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  2. agreed, When you do take it in, I wouldnt even mention that you seafoamed. Did you try a new battery? I know you charged it, but my old quad would always die when I would get off the gas because the battery was shot from dying and then being charged a couple times.
  3. took out the display, cleaned the connection, plugged back in. NO GOOD. something inside the display is broke. This at has seen riding time twice......it has less then 3 hours on it. And my warratny ended a mnoth and a half ago. BULLSHIT, I can deal with out it, I think it was $330 for a replacement. I honesly liked the analog display better, atleast it would tell you what gear you were in!!!!!! (i have 5 spd.)
  4. Just bringing this back up...2008 AC 400. My LCD display turns on, but the display is messed up. I can only see a couple things on the display. If I push down on the display screen, I can start to see everything, but when I let go it all does away again. This quad has been driven twice since I bought it, so I really dont think anythings damaged, maybe just loose. Any ideas? also how do you take these things apart?
  5. Just check the 10 day forecast....no snow
  6. I hope so too...my uncle had an older 400 like the one in my avatar. I pretty much borrowed that when ever I pleased and never had problems
  7. 4300 And yes Ill get some pics up after the first ride!! which will hopefully be tomorrow
  8. Just picked a brand new 2008 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 ATV a couple days ago. Its got 2/4WD with front diff lock, 2" receiver hitch, 12" of ground clearance. 5 speed semi auto (no clutch) w/ Hi/Low gearing and also reverse. Also added a 3,000lb winch. I bought an arctic cat 90 when I was 12 with money from a sunday paper route. Finally got enough money for a new one. Picked it up for a steal because it was left over from 08'. I guess no one likes the the 5 speed anymore. Everyone wants the automatic. But hell I love the 5 speed and it has its advantages in really rocky and muddy terrain. Which is all I ride in. some pics: some how my family and dog managed to get into all the pics...
  9. Really? Should I do anything before running it again? Wonder how that happened? I had the thing buried in the snow, but im not sure how it could have gotten in to the carb or gas tank.
  10. update Its been sitting for about 3 weeks....never touched. Started and drove fine? I have no Idea what was up, but it works now so w/e haha. Thanks for the help guys....Ill probably need to strip down that carb sometime.
  11. you think compression could have anything to do with it, or maybe a seal or piston ring? It was at WOT for like 2 minutes straight lol...i kinda beat the hell out of it.
  12. maybe, but wouldnt that cause hydro lock and it wouldnt run at all? ill take apart the carb sometime next week
  13. I was stuck in snow and had it pinned, then all of a sudden it slowly crapped out. Its getting fuel

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