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Budget Racer

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ATV Rider has an article in their April 2008 issue on how to make your LT-R450 a mean race machine for under $2000. "The bottom line is that we weren't looking for glitz or bling:our main objective on this project was to maximize function at a low cost." That was their goal which I know is alot of privateer racers and new racers goal as well. So he is what they did:

Race Tech Suspension = Reworked stock suspension $950

IMS/Roll = Pro-series nerf bars $199.95

Intimidator Series MX bumper $129.95

Big Gun Exhaust = M-80 power module $39.95

Quad Tech = Plastic Hood Scoop nosepiece $65

ITP Tire and Wheels = MXR6 10x6-10 front tires $71.95 ea.

Front wheels $87.95 ea.

MXR6 18x10-8 rear tires $66.95 ea.

Rear beadlocks $145.95 ea.

If you do the math it is actually alittle over 2000 but still great.

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yeah no kidden....and you can find cheaper mods than what they used, and still have the same quality...

like the nerf bars and even the rims....beadlocks are great to have, but I think I'd choose to skip the beadlocks, find a cheaper set of nerfs, take that money and get a good exhaust...

you might even be able to find a cheaper bumper....obviously they've never shopped on eBay:laugh:

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If someone plans on racing at that level, what kind of quad would they start on? You are right, there are cheaper mods that give the same results. I was just posting this because it is a good outline of where to start and I'm trying to get some action in this section of the site. We need some more manufature talk.

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if i was to start racing..

no one have a heart attack plz.

i would go with..

Honda, no doubt.

...no one had a heart attack right?


but yeah, honda.

great machine. GREAT LOOKING

have more experience building..

idk.just love it..

but if i was to go straight from stock to track the KTM would be mine..

thats if money was no prob. lol.

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yeah, KTM comes with the best set up, not having to do many mods to make it race ready...or like any mods..

but to choose between the other brands, Honda has my <3 !!!!

And you don't have to buy a brand new quad to have a good one either, mine's actually a 2000....it was barely rode before, nearly brand new, although its now 8 years old....I changed the exhaust, bumper, nerf bars and got out on the track...over the past year I've done some more......just got an EZ pull clutch for it, and a steering stabalizer...

But none the less, good article to post Bot!

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