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  1. Yeah, for sure, i'm lucky i've never had any serious injuries though, you had a pretty bad bike wreck didn't you?
  2. Yeah, i'm really surprised my friends warranty coverd something that was general maintanance like the chain. Thats like saying "hey i never chainged the oil and my engines knocking will you give me another"
  3. Sry, just alking about it pisses me off. But yeah, Stoop, you introduced me to this site.
  4. Yeah that's kind of sick, you would think he would have got her help before her ass-cheeks got stuck to the seat.
  5. I'm wondering what my Tri-z will be putting out when i get it fixed. I found a place that is gonna do port and polish and mill the head. I would almost bet it was putting out at least low to mid 50's before and there's no telling what its gonna do when i start running better gas with a slightly bigger piston ports and head mill, its gonna be crazy. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock2: :shock2: :shock2:
  6. I like doing long wheelies on pavement, it's scary thinkin about what would happen if you went backward at 70mph, but i can go much farther on pavement. I've topped my z400 out on the back two wheels several times on pavement, but then i look back and go "wow it's a good thing i didn't lose that wheelie.
  7. That's why i said " i wish they would have" but yeah i love 2-strokes, but i wouldn't leave the reliability of my 4-stroke either.
  8. I always keep about one inch of play in mine, with my weight on it, so what stoopidbot says is right, cause it cinches up a bit with weight. and the same thing happend to my buddy's KFX, the chain came off and slapped his shift sensor, so his neutral?reverse light quit working, he's lucky he had a warranty, or the chain didn't bust the case. But his is brand new and they are putting a new block on his because it was going to have to be welded. He lucked out major.
  9. I will say this site is ALOT funner than ATVfan and btw i got an "officail warning" for bad language from tenney.:nono: i was so scared j/k lol
  10. I've been wondering about yours myself, sorry this took so long too btw. Ok mine is currently in the rebuild process, but it has a full-frame powdercoat, 36mil Mikuni flat-slide carb, 5" wheel spacers, Douglas rims with 20" Razrs that are about to be replaced. A full DG pipe and silencer, Metallic red paint job as you can see in the pic. The kickstart, shifter, footpegs and headlight frame-thing are all chromed, i go it set up with a Uni clamp-on filter, and it's got a motion pro twist throttle kit which i'm not real fond of. But i'm taking the top end tommorow for a guy to look, another week or two and i'll have the money to pay him. It's gonna get port and polish, with a milled head and a slightly bigger bore, problly around .030 to .050 over with a wiseco. I cant wait to get her done, i'm close now to having it back in running order.
  11. I'm a trail guy, don't get me wrong, i love the look of the wide mx quads, and the the decked out 2-stroke sand-draggers, i just prefer trails, i have alot of fun riding trails.
  12. This is true, i voted 5-speed, but i really wish that one of the companies would go back to a 6-speed, there's a few models like the 350 Raptor and TTR-230 that have it, and a bunch of the KTM bikes, but i wish it was more popular, IMO it gives you a better ride, just because you have a gear for every situation, though they may rap out a bit quicker, and 5-speeds are plenty, i just like the feel of them.
  13. Tat is cool, but i thought the 450r had more hp than that, i figured higher 30's at least.
  14. That's still a good thought, some of those machines have so much money in them it's ridiculous, it's good to know someone is out there trying to help the poor man like me.
  15. That's true, pavement just gives me that thought of: "this would hurt like hell if i wrecked" it's like road rash flashbvacks for me.
  16. I would have liked to see Yamaha or any company for that matter, do factory 500 2-stroke 3-wheelers, I would love to own one of those bad boys. I would like to see some newer 450 models with twin cylinders, that could make for a mean machine.:shock:
  17. Oh yeah, my favorite for sure, cheap too.
  18. I just got through writing a post that might get me kicked off, i wrote a pretty hateful one toward Can-am and jnewell, but a guy named extman chimed in so i shut his ass down too, i feel banning coming if this keeps up:bouncing_smiles:
  19. That looks cool man, i would love to ride at a place like that, i like that picture with all of yall standin there, who's the old guy on the right holdin the Busch lite?
  20. I've rode at some pretty high speeds on pavement, it's kinda shakey, but it's not as bad as you think.
  21. It just seems like atvfan has too many rules, i liked it, but there is one bastard on there i just don't even want to deal with so i'm gonna try this out for awhile.:cheer2:
  22. A friend of mine bought one of those not to long ago, he had some problems with it at first, but they were all dealership mistakes. I really like it, it is low geared, but it makes it a torque monster.
  23. I like Wal-mart because gas is always cheaper :drivingc: but i understand what your saying, they kinda hang small buisnesses out to dry, it seems likepretty soon everything will be wal-mart owned and the small buisnesses will go out :doa16:
  24. Stoopidbot told me about it on ATVfan, i like it here cause it's alot more laid back though :cheers2c:

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