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Every year we travel out to Potter County for a long weekend of camping and riding. The campground is connected to the state trail system which is about 43 miles of trails, mostly old logging roads. The trails also connect to Lyman Run state park which is the only state park in PA that allows ATV access. New for this year is the lower campground in the state park is open for ATV usage. The trails are even open for night riding except for the connection to the state park which closes at sunset. In addition, this area is part of the "Northcentral ATV initiative" which most of the township roads surrounding the area are also open to ATV usage. You can travel to different towns and eventually the other state trails in the area will be connected. We put on almost 200 miles in the weekend and there is a country store in a small town called Germania that sells home made cheese which is excellent.












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Sounds like a blast mike. Would you know the distance from nyc or the cost? You didn’t leave a name or anything. Just a location.



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We stay at the Potter County Campground


Nearest town is Coudersport. There are a few hotels along Route 6 near the state trail system. The main trailhead is located right off route 6.

You can also stay at Lyman Run state park, the lower campground is now open to ATV's


You can download a map with the current legalized township roads from here


You will notice on the map, say to get to Cross Forks from the state trail system, there are small gaps in legalized roads. These are state routes, so you do have to make a few not so legal "jumps" on these roads to get to the next township road. These gaps will be closed, in the meantime, the cops will overlook someone using that route to get to the next legal road. Make sure you have a helmet and eye protection on or you will be stopped.

The proposal includes connecting Bloody Skillet to Whiskey Springs, a study was done and found that to make the connection will cost 16-20 million. So for now that part is held up trying to find funding for it. To make this connection will need about 30 miles of trail built. The town of Renovo would be between the two trail systems. They already took the step and opened their roads to ATV usage, but for now, it goes nowhere.



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