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99 Xplorer 400 jetting.

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So I picked up this quad for 200 bucks. Needs everything serviced or replaced due to neglecting. So I tore into it and stripped it to the frame and did a bunch of work. I’m having an issue. It runs and revs to 3/4 throttle and almost bogs out. It smokes a lot at wot. So the 210 jet is responsible for that. I know it’s a 2 stroke carb and I just don’t know what to jet with. The oil injection is faulty so I disconnected it and run 32:1 mixed. Any ideas fellas?



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Merry Christmas and happy new year frank!
I disconnected it from the intake boot. Put a bolt thru the intake to cap off the line. Then I kinked both the lines from the pump and tank so nothing got in there. The tank is empty except for the little bit that’s left.

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Im going to try a 175 main and leave the needle alone. If anything I may change the needle to a cel or yym. Depending on throttle response

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Okay. So 210 220 230 and 240 are all the same. The 175 loads up and bogs but if ya feather into it,
stumbles. If ya juice it it will bog but clear out and rev like a beast. I’m thinking a spark delivery is the culprit. I just don’t want to lean it so hard I melt rings.

I bet the flywheel has something to do with it. The coil is new and the plug. Reeds and intake boot. The carb is clean and no engine leaks. Compression is a solid 148 and holds.

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I hear your point on possibly the flywheel and the trigger coil maybe having a problem.  Its possible that the gap is causing a problem  and at high rpms its breaking down?   Maybe put an inline spark monitor so you can see if its in fact breaking down at the high rpm.
If its breaking up at wot it makes me think its the reeds.  I know you changed them but maybe the reed retainer plates are not right? 
Why I'm thinking along these lines is the high rpm problems.  During the intake period at high rpms the velocity and intake at the  reeds could  be problematic causing a fuel delivery problem? 
Im just throwing some possibilities out there maybe you will stumble onto something. 

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Is there a difference in reed plates? I know branding is different. I.E. Boyseen fmf oem. But the only difference I see is the dual stage reeds vs regular. What I really need is a multi tool to check the every thing. Kinda like a amp probe or a clamp on voltage meter. I know Klein makes them. But are they optimal for 12 volts or less?

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Klien makes a good one that goes low. I will send you a pic of mine. Have you put any thought into the in line ignition tester to see if your losing spark at any certain rpm?

The reed plates are different depending on the brand and  power band of the engine. What's in there now ? I know you checked and changed but i would have a second look at that and make sure that the plates are ok.   

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