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1991 Honda Trx200D Type 2.

Chase Cook

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Hi I have a 1991 Honda trx200d type 2 ATV and need to know how to adjust the valves on there. The valve adjustments are on the side of the head and looked up videos in there is no videos at all on how to adjust them. I'm taking the head back off to adjust the timing because it's making good spark and getting gas but it's not firing, trying to start but I'm thinking it's because of the adjustments are way out of  line. And I didn't take a picture of how they were before I took the head off.

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Hey chase, adjusting the timing ? The timing should be set in one spot only so check that your at TDC and your marks on the sprocket are good.   Once that's done then the timing is set and should not be moved.  After its all lined up the valves can be adjusted by loosening up the valve stem adjusters with a 10mm wrench. You basically stick the feeler gauge (size as per manual)  in between the valve and rocker arm and slowly tighten the adjuster until that feeler gauge slides out with a little bit of resistance. Then you tighten the 10mm nut good and try to stick the feeler gauge back in, It should go in with a slight push.  After that you should be set.  

Keep in mind that intake and exhaust valves are different sizes on the feeler gauges.  

All adjustments should be made in the TDC position.   

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1991 Honda trx200d type 2 ATV.

Now I have almost all my parts in. Still have stuff on its way, the rear hubs,  rims and tires, fuel petcock, (Another) battery, front wheel bearings, front brake pads, fuel line, muffler, coil, and miniature dash. And a plastics paint job.

Only problem is now is to that I bought a brand new top end kit. OEM 65mm piston kit, and it was a pain in the as* to put through the cylinder sleeve for some reason and now it barely wants to turn over, because I might of forced the Piston and Rings in it. But I still don't know why it was so hard to put them in? And was wondering if I need to get a new cylinder sleeve/ hole head for it or not. Or take it somewhere to get the cylinder sleeve bored out a millimeter or two so it spins more freely?

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It could be that the cylinder head is smaller then it should be. Maybe a smaller cylinder was put on after a top end went bu previous owner? Buy a micrometer and check the old and new piston.   This should not happen, have you verified the existing cylinder is 65mm? Something is not adding up.   
Were the rings put in correctly? 

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