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2004 Kawasaki Lakota Parts Interchangeable with Bayou?

Brent Wright

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  • Admin changed the title to 2004 Kawasaki Lakota Parts Interchangeable with Bayou?

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    • By jpz
      Hello all,
      I am working on a MXU 270 and having the hardest time finding information. I recently saw a youtube video that claims the MXU 270 is mechanically the same as the Bruteforce 300. Can anyone confirm?
    • By PKR
      I have had this machine running and put about 4 hours on it but it would not idle great. Would fluctuate between 700 & 2000 rpm and usually quit at the low rpm. Spark plug would carbon off and have to be cleaned. Throttled up nice and ran good in mid and high range. Machine then quit and wouldn't restart, couldn't get it to fire. Checked everything, had spark, gas, etc. Thought spark may be weak so ordered a new coil. Machine sat for 3 weeks waiting on new coil. Installed coil and machine fired right up. Idled nicely until it warmed up and then rpm's were all over the place. It quit after about 20 minutes and then would restart. If I let it sit for a few days it will start but won't idle. 
      Fuel/air mixture screw does nothing, can be screwed out or in and no change in idle. Only way to keep it idling is to turn the throttle screw way in and have it revving over 2000 rpm.
      As this unit sat for close to 14 years I have replaced the pulse pump, carb, CDI, spark plug and now the coil.
      What am I missing? I have done all the ohms checks on the stator, pulse trigger, etc and they are all good. I've took the carb apart to ensure it was clean, reset the float to be leaner as plug was indicating it was running rich. Didn't make any difference. Don't know where to look next?
      Also can anyone tell me what these wires are for that come off the bottom of the carb (see pic).
      Thanks for the help

    • By flyinbrian365
      View File 2016 Textron Motors MPE 850 Parts Manual
      4-Stroke Engine 
      MPE 850 OFF-ROAD
      This spare parts catalog is valid for the following engine models:
      409135 I2 846 UTV NA-80
      Submitter flyinbrian365 Submitted 02/18/2019 Category Textron Off Road UTV  
    • By Eric C
      I have looked at every thread I feel like, but with no resolution. Its always the same with a no spark issue: 
      Replaced CDI, 
      Replaced Pickup Coil (Pulsar)
      Good continuity from CDI to green white wire at ignition coil.
      No Pulse at ignition coil on the green white wire. (testing with test light on Pos of battery.)
      Good 12+ V on the hot side of ignition coil.
      I swapped the wires around on the Pulsar.
      The grounds seem to be good for the blk/y wires throughout bike.
      Brand new battery.
      Brand new stator and Pulsar
      Tried 2 new CDIs
      Brand new rectifier
      I get about 300 Micro A/C volts across the two wires on Pulsar when cranking.
      I am currently cleaning the connections on the rectifier because they were burnt. I am not even sure if it makes a difference because I am told that doesn't produce spark anyway and is only for charging system.
      The fly wheel looks OK, is the pulsar supposed to be connected in the direction with the metal "Button" facing towards the flywheel?
      My bike is a 1995 bayou 300, but I seem to come across same issues on web but no resolution on these things.
    • By Krazo
      as title states, what are these wires?   I took off the rear plastic, and right behind the brake light, these wires are all disconnected.  Not sure what they go to.  Aside from my current issue of what appears to be a bad coil (replacement ordered) the atv has run fine for me.  I just bought it this past winter and spent time replacing front end components but motor has run fine until the this past weekend.  By the looks of these wires they've been unplugged a while.  only thing I can think of is they're for trailer lights maybe....?  but i really don't know.  

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