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3 wheeler craze

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Thought this would be fun, 1985 Prairie, live clutch 250

was pretty rough, carb was in pieces and in a baggie hanging from cyl head. 

Gas smelled like an old dinosaur. How could i go wrong. 


It actually came with xtra set of wheels with brand new slicks for the donut fun!

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Well body off, cleaned good, painted, drained gas tank, rebuilt carb

installed fuel pump, replaced battery, painted the frame and motor. 

installed front wheel, Got it to fire up. Lots of power for a 250, I live on 

2.5 acres, havent got it out of 3rd yet, pretty fast. If not careful will end

up on 2 wheels, no wonder they dont make anymore lol. It is missing front

plastic which covers frame, Any ideas where to find some. Az

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Not a 2 Stroke but sure is fun, Would post more pics but looks like 2 pics i posted used up 

all my allowance. Seems can only upload couple of pics now says all files are too large.

Theres a lot of 3 wheelers out there. The nicer ones the people think they are gold and 

sell for more than when they are new. The cheap ones are pretty much destroyed and or missing

ungettable parts so keep an eye out and you will find one. Az

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