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2020 Sportsman 570 Eps- any need in a diagnostic tool?

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Hi. Yes the ecu do store the diagnostic trouble codes at least, but I don't think that a stand alone obdii will be any use because they mostly only gather the mandated information relating to emission control systems, and from the mandated automotive ecu address.. Laptop obdii and general probing software, and a suitable connector cable, can connect and gather information; they use the same communication protocols. The problem is that you need to know which wire to query, and then where in the ecu table of addresses the  information you want is, and the manufacturers don't want you to have that information. There are ways to trial and error and find what you want out of an ecu but it's time consuming. It's also possible to find the addresses you want by using the manufacturers licensed software(if you can borrow a setup), and monitoring the communication going in and out of your laptop, and finding the addresses it's questioning, and the answers returned. This though all requires a good understanding of what it is you are looking for, and then when you have the raw data, it needs some processing to turn the binary information into meaningful figures. It(the raw data) always has to be either multiplied or divided and/or have some sort of adjustment figure applied to it.

I think really that the short answer is... no.

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Ha. No trouble Mark. My son just got a canam and is a bit bummed out he needs go see the dealer to have his throttle reset, which is a scam !  I might have to have a go at hacking that one day... it's a lot of work for only one bike though.

Are you sure there isn't some way of getting the trouble codes out by pressing buttons while you turn the key on, or something like that ? Sometimes holding the brakes on, and a button..  A lot of makes do allow that.

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Not sure if this applies to your model Mark... 

Instrument Cluster Trouble Code Display
NOTE: The diagnostic mode is accessible only when the check engine MIL has been activated.
Use the following procedure to display diagnostic trouble codes that were activated during current ignition cycle
causing the MIL to illuminate. Diagnostic trouble codes will remain stored in the gauge (even if MIL turns off) until the
key is turned off.
NOTE: If there is a diagnostic problem with the power steering system, the power steering MIL will illuminate
and blink in place of the check engine MIL.
1. If the trouble code(s) are not displayed, use the MODE button to toggle until “CK ENG” displays on the information
display area.
2. Press and hold the MODE button to enter the diagnostics code menu.
3. A set of three numbers will appear in the information area.
• The first number (located far left) can range from 0 to 9. This number represents the total number of trouble code
present (example: 2 means there are 3 codes present).
• The second number (located top right) can be 2 to 6 digits in length. This number equates to the suspected area
of fault (SPN).
• The third number (located bottom right) can be 1 to 2 digits in length. This number equates to the fault mode
4. If more than one code exists, press the MODE button to advance to the next trouble code.
5. To exit the diagnostic mode, press and hold the MODE button or turn the ignition key OFF once the codes are


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      The quad has done this off and on, almost since new, but it's gotten worse this year. Sometimes if I freshly charge the battery, it'll work fine, others times that won't matter. Turning the key to on it sounds like it's connecting as I go to the start position, slightly before the full turn, but it's not like there is just a sweet spot to find, it's totally erratic.
      Now the battery is basically dead so I put a new, slightly bigger AGM battery in today to replace the factory one with all of 800 miles on it, but those have lots of plowing hours included. 
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      Friday evening went riding, rode for a good hour or so everything was fine. I went to take a short ride to the restroom (less than 100 yds away) and all of the sudden everything flickered and then just died out. Accompanying the problem I noticed the killswitch completely locked up. Once daylight hit took the killswitch apart to find it had shorted out and melted the plastic inside. Has anyone else had anything similar to this and if so what did you do to fix the situation? I have a new killswitch on the way to replace the obvious problem but was wondering could there be a bigger issue at hand. We tested with a voltage meter to make sure everything was still getting power from the battery and as far as we could tell it was.
      Any advice/info would be GREATLY appreciated.
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      After purchasing a lightly used 2018 570SP (300 miles on it) I noticed that the display was flashing on and off. I remember reading awhile back that this was a common problem on the 18 model. I can't remember what the fix is. It also turns over slow even though the battery is charged. Anybody know what the fix is on this issue?
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      If you're getting that pesky leaky seal on the pinion of your front differential and the pinion has allot of play, polaris won't sell the bushing needed to repair it properly without having to shell out big bucks for the complete ring and pinion kit. 
      I have a kit with an upgraded bushing, Japanese made bearing and USmade seal
      50 shipped in the US and 55 to Canada

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