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Animal Cruelty, ATV used to kill a 10 year old blind pony!

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Would you look at the B.S. this is something that I have zero time for and if any of my four letter words need to be editied, then go ahead and do it, Modeartors!

This f_ing bull sh** must f_ing stop... If the authorities can not find these worthless f_ing as****** then we as a ATV Community MUST come together and find these worthless as****** and place them inside the pokey for as long as they continue to breathe!

Link: Blind pony may have been dragged to death


Blind pony may have been dragged to death

Friday, May 02, 2008

By Linda Wilson Fuoco, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Kahlua was a sweet pony who gently carried children on his back and was always the first in his pasture to trot up to and greet visitors.

On Wednesday his owner was horrified to find the blind pony dead in his pasture in Shenango Township, Mercer County. Large pieces of skin were missing from both back legs, and a bone in one hind leg was broken.

"We think he was hit by a vehicle or roped and dragged," said Renee Dorogy, humane agent for the Humane Society of Mercer County. "There are tire tracks in the pasture, we think from an ATV."

Ms. Dorogy held a press conference today to announce that $500 has been donated as a reward for information about the incident.

Four other horses in the pasture were not injured, though they have some cuts and scratches. Their owner, Tory Morgan of Sharon, believes they were spooked and ran away from whoever brought a vehicle into the pasture.

"But Kahlua was blind," Ms. Dorogy said. "He wouldn't have seen what was coming. And he was very sweet. He always went up to people."

Kahlua is a breed known as POA -- Pony of the Americas. The breed was started in 1954, when a Shetland pony stallion was bred to an Arab/Appaloosa mare. Kahlua was 10 years old and Ms. Dorogy described his color as "pale champagne, almost white."

The number to call with information is 724-981-5445.


God does this PISS ME OFF! If this were the 1860's then these peices of sh** would not be breathing one more second, if it were up to me!

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When and if I find anything else out, I will keep Quad Crazy... updated!

I have posted this on several boards and if you know of any others, pleae feel free and throw it on them too!

We as ATVer's need to come together when these such attrocities are inflicted on anyone or anyhting that is completely innocent and or harmless!!!

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"We think he was hit by a vehicle or roped and dragged,"

You know,,,,Im all for the lynchings if in fact it Really happend...However,,,,,the Statement above says it all....They dont know....Not sure where in PA this is but it Sounds Rural....Do you think a Bunch of Neighbor kids jumped on a Utility and Rode their happy Asses to the pasture....Managed to get a Rope around the neck or Leg and took off??? What time of Day was this???? Daytime???? Night time....Sure to hear a Quad and see lights....Sounds to me like this Pony was hit by a Vehicle on the road....Then Drug to the Pasture...Why the Hit and Run???? Who knows....Just like Who Knows what really happened to this Pony...

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