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  1. Polaris Razr 800 -vs- 170cc --- --- Cab: --- Rear:
  2. As well as allot of Pork Barrel spending, to the tune of 300 billion. Also, illegal immigrants are quallified for tax rebate checks to the tune of $500 to $1000 per person, wtf?
  3. "700's no problem" You haven't been in the right place at the right time, then )
  4. Older post - revisited. And I thought that the title of this thread was "2009 Yamaha Lineup" All I see is Smack Talk of other - Brands... tisk - Tisk - TISK! Very decieving.
  5. H/M to my knowledge used to have a weekend pass, that was less than an annual pass... whatever happened to that? H/M will not get my dollar, either! What I can see here is both parks are becoming greedy. Everyone is in the cash flow, slump... why are these types of venues seting their fees so high?
  6. Yes and love it! I race on a 500 foot porta tree dirt drag strip. But my Raptor 700R is not soley a drag bike... I love trail riding, far to much! "Straight Jacket - Racing"
  7. And here is a cool little picture of my one off front grab. As well as a mini me:
  8. Here is my Yamaha Raptor 700R SE - 50th Anniversary. It is a real fire breathing - ride. Most of the time I trail ride, but it can be found on a monthly basis, on a 500 foot dirt drag strip. Its a real rush to ride!
  9. And not even close to what an out of the box Raptor has, for its powerplant.

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