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Can anyone tell me if there is an access hole to the crankshaft on this specific model? The fourwheeler hasnt ran in around 5 years. Last year it was cranked, found water in the air box pulled spark plug cranked again, And sure enough water came flying out of the spark plug hole. Drained the oil and was not any water in the oil. However since then it hasnt been cranked and we never filled it back up with oil. Now the engine is seized up and i was hoping it was just the piston and not the crank. How likely is it the crankshaft is locked up? 

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    • By Ailll1
      I’m working on a Kawasaki Bayou KLF400 for a family member that doesn’t have spark. I’ve already replace the ignition switch and the stator which were defective. The stator had a melted connector and one of the phase had low resistance and low VAC output. 
      What I’ve figured out so far is that I’m not getting 12V to the ignition coil when I turn the key to the ON position. From what I understand, the 12V should come from the CDI. I’ve resistance tested both wires going from the CDI to the ignition coil (Green/white and black/yellow). They are fine. The only 12V coming from the ECU is on the yellow/red wire.
      I don’t have the wiring diagram for the 400 but I’m working with the one for the Bayou 300 which looks pretty similar except for the wire color between the CDI and ignition coil. On the 300 diagram, the yellow/red wire goes to the ignition coil, not the black/yellow… All the other wires color match except for this one. Not sure if that’s normal?
    • By Oudsy
      Hey guys am new to this. I bought a 110cc chinese avt for my kids. I have perrty much rebuilt the bike front to back and top to bottom.
      Put a new wiring harness on new coil new plug new cdi and stater. My problem is the plug will get spark only after i let go of the start button. 
      Any info will help
    • By Muskyjim
      I recently purchased a 99 big bear 350 2x4 that was sitting for a while got it running and went to take it for a ride after about 10 minutes into the ride it stalled and wouldn't let me shift down into neutral tried rocking it back and forth but will not go into neutral...can anyone point me in the right direction on where to start?
    • By Jason Hatton-Fearnley
      have a 1996 bayou 400  with a starting problem 
      when checking sparkplug grounded to engine
      -turn key on, hit starter, get one spark then nothing
      -turn key off and back on hit starter, get one spark then nothing
      Any ideas
    • eManualOnline
    • By Kingquad4life
      Hey guys new to the forum ..and having a little trouble with my kingquad ...recently changed my clutch and now I’m having the problem of my belt slipping ...took belt box off and found a ton of oil !!!! Any ideas what this could be ? Any help would be appreciated ..and I’m also new at fixing my own bike so plz bear with me
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