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Another one back from the dead (1997 King Quad 300 LT-FWDX)


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Oh I could tell immediately that you've done your research.  You must have spent hours and days reading.  I was kinda the same but there wasn't much to read back then, but I did spend some time on the phone with some guys who knew some things.  Doubt they're around anymore.  Apart from that most of what I know came from experimentation, like the cams and chains.  A 12/36 will put more power to the ground than a 13/39 even though they're both 1/3 ratio, a result that confounds physicists to this day.

The whole point of a 230/250 is the light weight, so all that heavy crap that dude had on was an insult to its purpose.  Even the wiseco piston is like a lead brick.

Rockymtnatv used to have chains with windows carved out of the links.  Awesome chain!  And I think I cut about 10lbs of lugs off my tires which is weight right where it counts at the outer edge.  That dude may as well have been dragging a boat anchor in comparison.

13 minutes ago, Hagbard said:

grafting a Polaris 300 rear end onto a KQ

Never heard of such a thing.  I knew some guys merged the KQ with the arctic cat version for the suspension.  KQ has a lower center of gravity necessitating a fuel pump while the cat was gravity fed and sat higher because of it, but the cat had better control arms in the back.

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I just cross referenced the 230S cam, and it's the same cam that's in the 87-95 LT-4WD, So that accounts for the similarity, Definitely more of a sidegrade if not a 1:1


So just for grins, what are the chances there's a different (read: more BRAAAPP) bucket and jug I can bolt on to the 300 bottom end? 450?  

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1 minute ago, Hagbard said:

I just cross referenced the 230S cam, and it's the same cam that's in the 87-95 LT-4WD

I can't remember for sure, but it seemed like there were two 4x4 cams.  I thought the 300 4x4 was the better one.  There are letters stamped on the end: A, B, C, D, E, F, G.  I think G or H is the 250 cam.  A and B are the crappy low duration cams.

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Maybe I'll call the guys at DynoCams and beg them to show charity to a poor impoverished powersports enthusiast.  Kind of leaning toward finding a spare head and having it machined, then install new valves, collets, and seals along with those ovate springs, and a hotter cam wherever I may find one. Seems like a good winter project on the basement workbench to me.  Lots of swearing muffled by the rafters. Pay no attention to the sweet smelling smoke, that's just um... I'M SOLDERING DON'T COME DOWN HERE.

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4 minutes ago, Hagbard said:

Kind of leaning toward finding a spare head

I was about to recommend a spare head anyway just because if you spin a cam bearing you will need one.  I think 250S and 300 are the same head.  LT4WD is the same except the exhaust flange mount is at an angle.

Fill the intake port with JB weld then machine it out with a dremel to match the carb boot so it's all one diameter.

If I had it to do over I would have bought a valve seat cutter much sooner.

The ozark cam looks like a lot of duration, but does it fit?  Is there a letter stamped on the end?

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I have most of a 160 motor to do with as I please.  no rocker cover, but I have a head with a broken exhaust valve in it, and everything below that. Suzuki is terrible with cross referencing, and stamping the same part with different numbers just to make life fun, but I suspect there's more interchangeability than parts numbers and diagrams let on...  Wondering if that scrap 160 head would be useable? Ozark cam looks like it has a "D" on it.

ozark cam.jpg

Edited by Hagbard
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Shit you're right about the matched set thing. Judging from the blue RTV I see peeking out around the valve cover, I suspect someone else may already have sailed that particular ship past the point of no return. I don't see any evidence of leaking around THAT half-assed gasket job, but it flows out of the inspection caps, and they're already pre-rounded with what appears to have been Vise-Grips or Channel Locks... perhaps they started out with a handy old Crescent wrench. Song remains the same. I have some new caps on the way (originally from a 77 SP370, speaking of undocumented interchange) which I figure I can at least tighten enough for the o-ring to seal. 

As far as a head and valve cover, I found this candidate for rebuild, think it's suitable?


(Sorry to pester you if you have better things to do feel free to tell me so ;) )

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A lot of RTV makes me think some was squished into the cam bearings.  Go light on the goop man.

People tighten those caps too much so they end up rounding them off.  Inspection caps and oil pan plugs don't need to be torqued commensurate with their size, but that's what people do.

The intake inspection cap is where I pour the oil in.  A long skinny funnel fits right through the frame into the inspection hole making it real convenient.

I knew a guy with a SP370.  It was a torque monster!

The head on ebay looks ok to me.  I'd buy it.  The bearings are a little rough but I've ran worse.  Buffing wheels for dremels would shine those up in no time.  Put new valves and cut the seats and it should be a good head.

Oh yeah other questions will have to wait til tomorrow.  Hopefully it won't hold you up much :P

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I pulled the trigger on it last night/early morning. Figured I could turn around and sell the carb boot alone for half of what I just paid for the head. And I might be lucky and it already has the heavy springs. Turns out that even though the rocker cover was in one of the pics, it was a separate auction, so I ended up paying another $15 for it. I WAS ROBBED I TELL YA! 

So just for the sake of argument, would this head equipped with a 250S piston bolt up to a 230E block that's sitting in a 160 frame?? Asking for a friend who is tenting his fingers like an evil genius and muttering something about "power to weight ratio" and "lengthen the swingarm"

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It's still a good deal.  If you desperately need a head it would be $200 or so.  I should buy another, but I'll wait until you're done raping ebay ;)

No man, the 250S and 300 have 17mm wrist pins.  Everything smaller has 16mm.  That's why the 250S engine is worth its weight in gold.  The head will fit, but not the piston.

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Heard. I figured it was too good to be true lol. I'll just keep saving my pennies while I look for a bargain bin special on the cam. If nothing comes up I'll just suck it up and buy the $140 one with my Christmas booty (If I have any left). About to go use the KQ to mend some split rail fences in exchange for a near mint '04ish CR80R. I figure it's a good trial run for the KQ, and I can buy a LOT of wheeler parts for what that dirt bike is worth.

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