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Another one back from the dead (1997 King Quad 300 LT-FWDX)


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I have a file folder stuffed full of stickers about an inch thick.  I always imagined I'd do something with them someday but no idea what.  Some companies like KN and Wiseco I don't really care to advertise for fear of being sullied by their lackluster products.

I emailed a company with a product suggestion and they told me it's illegal for them to take advice, so I figured that's a good way to differentiate one company from another: make a suggestion and if they tell you to piss off then do it.  Who would have thought the socialists in Portland would want to dictate to customers what they shall have rather than provide what they want.  But if you're getting hats n that then it's a good indication so far.  Maybe they're trying to win your business rather than feeling entitled to it.

Gonna have to start being judicious who I give money to from now on.

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10:15pm - just under 3 hours from empty case to built. Then another 4 hours of reassembly of the quad. Wrapped up around 2 am.


Got a little excited and tried to fire the starter and was greeted by a hearty “CLICK CLICK CLICK“ Swapped known good, yadda yadda. New unit on the way for Friday delivery. Picked up a replacement carbon petcock just for grins.

Note to self: ALWAYS bench test the starter no matter how shiny and new it looks. 

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I actually was looking at rebuild kits when I noticed entire starters for around the same price ($25). I figured "Taiwan motor - Chinese starter is fine".  There's a nice OEM Mikuni on it, but I also picked up a knockoff that came with a new petcock and airbox boot for $25 to be on the safe side. 


She’s a real beaut ;)70562AC8-0238-4865-9F2D-1D0FD2A9D2E5.thumb.jpeg.150a4cb287c045c95543293ad295bfcd.jpegC41DF71D-97E8-41BA-9194-5BAA19AE70EB.thumb.jpeg.46423ffc26444e7fb2d5b0c79100d570.jpeg6FECB613-2E44-4E5A-BA27-7D26D21F9339.thumb.jpeg.448f956e2ca4443ba9567b1bc2bdd74f.jpegBBE750C5-CD54-4647-9A88-9827BB3F2DBC.thumb.jpeg.6776f8bf1a553f67024b2d5f06cd8f1f.jpegF1064A31-8891-4702-B6EA-15B24D35C17C.thumb.jpeg.3ef9b16d665675af4147083c86303f05.jpegCF3E61BC-9EB1-4ED2-8D20-F8F3199615D2.thumb.jpeg.88ff6096b3ab9a311f89ff534da34641.jpeg

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I cherry picked all the "good" stuff from it already. The beefier heel guards, bumper, and the GREEN shocks ;) 

Walmart will no longer mount tires for me, period. I guess their guy didn't enjoy wrestling with 40 year old wheeler tires :P   Luckily my buddy Jason owns an old school tire shop. Tires only, no lifts, just jacks.  He does me a solid on mounting atv and mower tires. Pretty cheap unless the bead is welded to the rim like they were on my 160. Still, even for those old rotten tires he had to literally chisel off the rim, he charged me $75 for dismounting old rotten rubber and mounting new  shoes on the 4 of them. I just dropped off 4 LT80 wheels for him yesterday with a new set of DWT's for the front and a spare set of the same Maxxis rears I nicked off the KFX. 


Incidentally - if anyone else is reading this, feel free to chime in, even just to say Hi. This is starting to feel like a love letter to Randy =D

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I made a bead popper something like this  https://www.harborfreight.com/bead-breaker-92961.html

Sometimes you have to air up the tire in order to pop stubborn beads, then air it back up to pop the other side.  Otherwise the tire just squishes down and the tool slips off.  It's usually harder for me to get the new tire on.  Sometimes I have to wrap ratchet straps around the tire to force the beads outward enough to seal so the air pressure can take over, then it's a challenge to seat the bead without dangerous amounts of pressure.  Getting the tire off is by far the easiest part.  I can even do bigass mud tires for trucks with that tool.

A mod and 2 other users are the only forms of life I've ever seen here, but I don't venture out of my threads often, so perhaps your seti signals will bear fruit.  But as far as I can tell, people come for the user manuals and split.  Ever since smartphones became a thing forums became ghost towns, which is a shame because I really like this forum software.

I'm afraid I may be all you have, whether you love me or not :P

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I just see 2000+ views, so it must be getting some action besides you and me ;)  This has turned from a one off post about the KQ to a reference library/tutorial/build diary.  I have all the manuals I need, but nothing beats the kind of insight and actual learning you get from conversing with someone who's well versed in the subject. There wouldn't be teachers and professors if you could learn all there was to know from simply reading books.  Ass in seat time is what makes the difference between theory and praxis. I'm all about trying new things and gaining new skills, but I'm not a walking case of Dunning-Kruger;  I'm smart enough to know I'm not smart enough in certain areas, and that's where I generally concede and yield to experience (and generally open the wallet).  The one thing that pisses me off about this bulletin board software is the lack of an edit function. I could have sworn I used to be able to edit then a mod stripped me of that ability. Sometimes it will auto-merge replies though, which is weird.

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1 hour ago, Hagbard said:

I just see 2000+ views, so it must be getting some action besides you and me ;)  This has turned from a one off post about the KQ to a reference library/tutorial/build diary.

I think there is something to be said of the delivery and presentation too.  How many people own or are interested in these antiquated quads?

1 hour ago, Hagbard said:

Ass in seat time is what makes the difference between theory and praxis.

Good judgment comes from lots of bad judgment.

It's really weird that I planted all my trees in the perfectly wrong spot: got my peaches next to wild plums, apples next to cedar, and I'm not sure where I erred with the pears but they have fire blight so I'm must have done something wrong.

There is no way anyone could just step into a life of sustainability; one must be born into it because there is simply too much to know.  Who even knows what to ask?

1 hour ago, Hagbard said:

I'm smart enough to know I'm not smart enough in certain areas

That's pretty much what being smart is all about.  Know when to hold em and when to fold em.

1 hour ago, Hagbard said:

lack of an edit function.

Oh wow you're right!  Maybe it's there only for a short time after posting.  We'll see....

What do you need an edit for?  (it should be cued)


1 hour ago, Hagbard said:

Sometimes it will auto-merge replies though, which is weird.

I don't like that either.  There is a time limit the admin sets, so if you wait enough time then it won't merge.

Edit: Yep, the edit is there.  It probably expires after a few minutes.

Edited by JustRandy
Testing the edit
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Rather than piecing all that together I just welded my a-arms and swingarm longer.  Also made a glasspack muffler from a driveshaft.  Glasspacks are the only low-pass muffler configuration that I know of.

You don't want offset front rims because of bumpsteer.  I'd just keep it narrow if that were my only option.  Think of it as a trike lol.

He said a couple of things that weren't quite right.  The 250 has a bigger intake valve, not exhaust valve.  Making a 230 from a 200 for the short stroke is a dumb idea imo.  Then he's talking about 80mm pistons.  If he's not stretching the headbolts then he's not making that much power.  I think I have a 73mm piston for 280cc but can't find studs to hold the head on.  80mm would be 338cc.

I still stick by what I said before that it's not worth building a 230 because the rod is too weak.  I'll have to post some pics of that someday.


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I just got a deal too good to pass up - $40 for a NOS 66mm Wiseco piston kit. 

Image 1 - Suzuki LT 230 ATV Wiseco Piston Kit 4382PS

I know you're not a big Wiseco fan, but this is about $10 more than what I was going to spend on a set of rings lol.

Remember that head I ordered from eBay? Well, it was supposed to be on it's way from Gadsden, AL like 3 weeks ago, and not a peep.  I think the dude got the 'rona and shuffled off this mortal coil with no one tending the shop in his absence.  Opened a ticket with eBay, hopefully they can roust his weary spirit to manifest a shipping label posthumously.

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Just spent the last couple hours on this little project.


Patterned it out so I can make more if needed.


Kiddo said he wants the quad “rainbow colored”.  No way I was going to go out and buy seven shades of tractor paint lol. I’ll find or paint some orange and purple parts somewhere. 😂

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All of mine have been changed to Suzuki Blue from Ball Scorcher Black.  The ONLY advantage to using black is that you can get it in 4-way stretch, which is easier to use if you don't have the know how and tools to get 2-way vinyl to fit curves. I re-covered the old seat from the parts LT80 with some 4-way and plopped it on the KFX.  The foam in that was pretty roached, so I cut and filled the bad spots with new foam. I keep small scraps around for this exact purpose. Using an electric turkey knife, you can cut pretty precise and clean 90 degree wedge sections out, then glue in new foam and trim it to fit after it dries in place.  Didn't come out half bad for scrap.IMG_1618.thumb.JPG.3cef34345b6babfc3ad6f3f700c25b15.JPGIMG_1567.thumb.JPG.5b95ba3cfa275956d97ab103748d10e1.JPG

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Looks good!  Yeah I hate black seats.  It just takes a microsecond of sun to make a nugget roaster.  I might be inclined to a silver or grey that matches the frame but also doesn't show dirt so bad.  A textured appearance would be nice, like that hammered spray paint that obscures minor imperfections.

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Silver is actually one of the few colors you can get in 4-way stretch! You need about a yard of it, give or take, to cover the average seat. 

Apparently word has gotten out that I am operating a shade tree cycle shop. The guy that bought the China quad from me just dropped off this little gem.


1973 RV125


Turns out he’s an old buddy from high school I haven’t seen in 30 years. Small world. 


Edited by Hagbard
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Oh wow a 2-stroke street bike!  Is it a single cylinder?

I had a friend who used to love those kawasaki triples.  He used to have a 750 triple drag bike widowmaker.  He could outrun me but I could always find him by following the trail of smoke lol

So what's wrong with it?

Well I guess a silver seat may be in the cards for me one day.  What other colors are in the 4-way stretch?

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