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Suzuki carburetors

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  • 4 weeks later...

What sort of problems and have you tried stripping it and cleaning it ?  You can probably get an overhaul kit for about fifty bucks or less with all new seals and a float needle. The diaphragm on top doesn't come with the kit I think but they can be got separately, and they are generally pretty long lasted and easy to change any time.

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    • By Params_sweden
      Hi, I have an EU '94 KLF300 Bayou with ignition issues. I got it last summer and used it for about 20 hours, then one sunny day we used it for about an hour, parked it, and then it didn't want to start again. It has a *really* weak spark, I've only been able to see it once while testing. 
      I'm just getting started on this, I'm going to go through all the weak/no spark trouble shootings from the manual. Since I've already invested like 10 hours digesting the manual and forum threads that I possibly can, I thought that it would be nice to create a thread like this in case I come up with a solution that can help someone else.
      So far I've replaced the spark plug, I will replace the spark plug cap with a NGK VD05F (5kOhm resistance). I'm going to check the resistance in the pickup coil, stator coil and ignition coil next. I have tried two CDIs, right now I mounted the original CDI which actually gave the most output to the spark plug out of the two
      A question for you, is it possible to make any assumptions about the CDI by measuring the resistance like in the manual? There's a "resistance table" that you can refer to when measuring between the different connections. I'm asking because I haven't yet seen anyone in the forums that has mentioned that they've measured the CDI resistances and made any conclusions from that.
      I'll attach a photo of my Bayou
      Pär, Sweden

    • By p5200
      Hello, I'm getting ready to replace the carburetor and was just wondering, will I have to adjust the air screw on the new carb? Thanks! 🙂
    • By Farmer2810
      Gday from rural NSW Australia
    • By Scottierisner2626
      hey im new here and have been trying to repair a few different bikes but i have a 95 honda trx300 2wd and it has st
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    • By newfielander
      Hi guys, I really have my hands full here with my 2014 Polaris Sportsman 550 X2, Is it possible all these issues can be related and traced back to something electronic? Its so confusing because sometimes the PS do work, sometimes the 4 wheel drive do work, sometimes the ATV starts at the turn of the key, other times I have to cross out the starter solenoid to start the ATV, Sometimes the 4 wheel drives works fine in reverse, other times only in forward, then other times no 4 wheel drive at all (meaning i can see the front drive shaft going into the front end and its turning but neither wheel is pulling, then other times only 1 wheel is pulling)  Would a faulty voltage regulator cause these issues? I hate to pull my front end off the ATV if its something electronic! I cannot simple replace the EPS unit unless i was 100% sure it was quit. But when i see that it works sometimes, I'm not convinced that the unit needs to be replaced, and especially when all these other issues are in my opinion electrical related. I have tried to clean all the plugins that i know for............ Is there anything I can do to figure this out? 
      Any suggestion is MUCH appreciated. 
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