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2002 Suzuki Vinson replacement fuel tank and fuel gauge


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So just acquired this 2002 Suzuki Vinson LT-A500F and am in the beginning process of getting it to run.  I found two small screw size holes in the top of the tank, it would appear someone was not careful screwing something down to the plastic cover and accidently damaged the tank. My preface is to replace the tank but I am not finding any available, so can anyone give me any advise on this. If I do not find a suitable one at a reasonable price I will look at possible doing a epoxy type repair on this one. 

Next is the fuel gauge, its missing and is creating another hole in the tank. I found this ONE which looks like it on ebay but the seller does not include any dimensions to verify.  So any advise on this will be greatly appreciated as well. 

I did see the post on changing the fuel petcock with the Yamaha on/off valve which I have ordered already. 


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I just saw the mention about including your year/make info in the title, so sorry I will do that in the future. I did include that info in the first line of the post if that gets me any brownie points! 

I do not see an edit button to so I am posting to see if anyone knows somewhere on line I could down load a free copy of the owners manual and a service manual would be great also.  

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to 2002 Suzuki Vinson replacement fuel tank and fuel gauge

Gas tank is easily repairable , with epoxy putty, but you can get new for about 225.00 and they are on eBay but I would buy new before I paid their prices. Tank cover is 110 for new, but I did see one on eBay that needs refinishing for 10.00 so you really have to look, and decide how much work you want to do plus the materials to refinish aren't cheap. Gas gauge new is about 100 , amazon might have an aftermarket that will fit. Just my experience from buying parts.

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Sorry I just am not having the same luck. I repaired the gas tank by riveting the hole and putting some sealer rated for gasoline over it. I never did get a reply from the ebay seller so I just went a head and ordered the gauge. Everything should be here next week then I will put the machine back together and see if it will start. If all goes well with that I will start looking for an inexpensive snow plow which is why I got this machine in the first place. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok the fuel gauge from Ebay showed up and I installed it today. Fit and works just fine, the tank has been full of fuel for the last week with no sigs of leaks so far from my repair or the new fuel valve. The quad started up with no problems and seem to runs good. Although there is what I would call a higher pitch noise coming from somewhere when I am moving, will have to chase that down .  I went ahead and changed all the fluids, installed a battery tender and have placed an order for replacement rear brake pads as they were quite thin and a Kolpin atv switchblade plow .  I also noted the right outside front axle boot is torn. Have not looked to see if they make a replacement boot or if the axle will have to be replaced. 

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond to my questions. Big motorcycle fan all my life and never thought I would own a quad but that parking lot at work is just getting to be a little much with a snow blower so hoping this machine makes that job easier and faster! 

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