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EPS, 4 wheel drive, and starting issues.

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Hi guys, I really have my hands full here with my 2014 Polaris Sportsman 550 X2, Is it possible all these issues can be related and traced back to something electronic? Its so confusing because sometimes the PS do work, sometimes the 4 wheel drive do work, sometimes the ATV starts at the turn of the key, other times I have to cross out the starter solenoid to start the ATV, Sometimes the 4 wheel drives works fine in reverse, other times only in forward, then other times no 4 wheel drive at all (meaning i can see the front drive shaft going into the front end and its turning but neither wheel is pulling, then other times only 1 wheel is pulling)  Would a faulty voltage regulator cause these issues? I hate to pull my front end off the ATV if its something electronic! I cannot simple replace the EPS unit unless i was 100% sure it was quit. But when i see that it works sometimes, I'm not convinced that the unit needs to be replaced, and especially when all these other issues are in my opinion electrical related. I have tried to clean all the plugins that i know for............ Is there anything I can do to figure this out? 
Any suggestion is MUCH appreciated. 

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Start looking for the things they all have in common. so I'd check all the fuses, relays, and power supply wires, and all the earths are not broken or having bad contacts. Inspect the wiring for chafing and perhaps try wriggling the wiring while the bikes sitting idling. Wriggle the wires where they go into plugs.

I'd get a manual and check how to get the trouble codes out of the engine and PS computers.

You should also read the manual about the four wheel drive system to make sure it isn't the way it's meant to operate. They are a four wheel drive when needed system.. You pushing the switch doesn't mean it's going to go into four wheel drive necessarily.

That;s probably the first things to do.


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Guys i figured out there was a wire broken up tight to the hand brake handle, and of course a Polaris has to have the brake on to start. So my bike now starts fine, but i still have 4x4 and EPS issues. I pulled the front-end out and took it all apart and cleaned it completely and replaced the small split pin on the ring gear assembly and also put another Output Cover Assembly, Part 3235164  which has the 4WD magnetic coil on the inside. I didn't see any other broken parts inside so I put it back together again and i watch a video on You Tube showing how i can test if the front end is working before i go thought the work of putting it back into the bike , starting at the 7:21 marker. But according to this my 4x4 still don't work. I decide to test the wires that go to the front-end , 2 wires for regular 4x4 and 2 wire for the ADC. Now my question is when the 4x4 switch is off, and i put the multimeter on the plugin, there shouldn't be any power showing should it? But on my bike its showing  voltage of the bike if the switch is on or off. My understanding was when i turned the 4x4 switch on, power should then go to the magnetic coil. and when i turned it off the magnetic coil shouldn't be magnetized. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that there is always power going to my front-end but yet i don't have any 4x4.  I appreciate any comment. Everything helps!!


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Looking at the diagram in a 2014 book it shows the hub being controlled by the computer..  The switch signals the computer, the computer turns the hub on or off.

I don't know Polaris at all though so it may not be the same.. It wasn't your exact model..

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