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Oil Changes

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Ok, I'm not trying to start an out of control thread, however I am interested in how often and what products you use for oil changes.  On all my vehicles I change oil at least as often as recommended by the manufacturer and use the recommended products or better.  That is where the debate should get interesting.  On my '20 Polaris 850, I use the Polaris recommended oil and filter and change once a year or more often depending on hours of operation.  In my trucks, I use Mobil full synthetic until I get them over 100K then I'll use a blend or high mileage oil--Valvoline or Mobil or NAPA.  Since I'm in NM Montana I use 0W20 to 5W30. 

Would like to hear what you're using.

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I also run Mobile 1 in all my vehicles have for 20 plus years and like it very much. In my ATV I have stuck with mineral oil , only because mine are older and that's what was recommended for them at the time of production,  not sure if that's right or not, but that's what I do. I do stick with the manufacturers oil, only for peace of mind, because I feel like it is formulated right for their engines. Im sure there are probably better oils out there but yamalube has one of the best rating iv read, but I don't always believe everything I read, especially on the internet. One more thing I might add I did change one of my older vehicles to synthetic, a 99 V8, that had been using mineral oil since new and I noticed that it seemed to burn more oil than before, and synthetic to me seems thinner than the the same weight in mineral oil, so I switched it to high mileage synthetic and it even burned more oil, just my experience.

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