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I'm going to put a winch on my Bombardier Quest 650.  I was going to just go with the Harbor Freight 2500 winch. But I am now considering the 3500.  My concern is the 2500 has only 2 mounting holes? Doesn't seem sufficient. I like the price and it has the wireless remote and the circuit breaker has a cover for it.  The 3500 has handlebar winch control which i think would be better for snowplow so...

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    • By Ajmboy
      QUADCRAZY has been around over 10 years now and there a lot of members that have come and gone. We had a PM message going so I decided to start a topic. If I miss anyone, please post. Anyone can post, even if you are not an old member, but please keep to the theme of updating us on what you are doing now, what's new, where you are hanging these days, etc.
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    • By Fiend_138
      Anyone using the AtV/Motorcycle lift from Harbor Freight? I like the idea of having something other than jack stands. Is there another option that I should look into?
    • By noticon75
      So my "new' Quest doesn't have a winch.  I don't need a high dollar winch. So off to the good old Harbor Freight I go.  Will the 3500 lb fit ok or just save the coin for the 2500 lb winch?
    • By GgroomsLra
      I have fought with this thing to no end. I cannot get my 4 wheeler to start. The battery is good on it. I took the kill switch assembly apart and cleaned all the contacts with contact cleaner. After that I finally got it to start. Worked fine for 3 days in a row it started every time I went out there. Then bam, today it did the same thing. It acts like it's completely dead. I can jump the solenoid and it will try to turn over, but won't. It's almost like the kill switch is stuck in kill mode. I'm at a loss. Please help. 
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    • By rgeiser
      2004 Bombardier Outlander 330 does anyone know if you have to split cases to get to the stator? Have a costumer who wants a quote but from the parts diagram makes it look like stator is in the cases. is any one familiar with this machine?
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