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  1. i dont know why it would be easier .maybe less easy because of the wider stance . if there was a differential on the rear end axel it would be different
  2. no way would i ever make the front end wider with spacers. bumpsteer will snap your wrist . not just alittle , the pain oh the pain of it
  3. no, not yet . there is one guy that said he wanted to go this year ,he said that last year . now I cant get ahold of him . I most likely will put the trip off till the early fall(labor day)
  4. I want to go but cant do it by my self . any one or two, what to share a ride out and back to UT or ID. most likely this June some one from Michigan, Ohio ,Indiana works best for me . lets talk
  5. drag_on


  6. you know its great i know it great . ............just what are the sand virgins afraid of. i honistly feal i should be turning people away because we only have just enough room for TWO and id be happy with one
  7. i recall my brother saying to look out for the high gravity spots. weird how it can suck you right off your ride.
  8. ya makes ya think twice about making them jumps when you cant see the other side of the hill. the last guy i did see get hurt was with several others ,and i think he was the last and tiring to keep up . some how he lost it on what was really flat sand . he went out to the hospital on a board. at WV HM i saw two different guys lose it. happenedend that they we the last in the line of a number of riders, tiring to keep up with the pack and because of the dust ,they did not know what they had to avoid. ill tell you ,its along way down on some of them trails.
  9. flying through the air is easy . its that sudden stop that hurts
  10. yep , i have seen a number of guys get hurt at SL .thankfully i have not seen any on get them selves dead,but it does happen. last one i did hear of one rider lost it going over a hill and he got run over by the guy he was riding with.

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