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2008 Kawsaki 250 cc bayou I believe


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I have a 2008 250 bayou I got cheap. Real cheap. The guy said I just needed to remove and replace a couple stator rotor bolts that broke off when he was fixing it, not the case. I think he put it back together wrong and drove it. I'm new to this so not sure what all the parts are called or really even how or what has to be fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Gwbarm the stator looked ok has 1 slight scar or scuff on the contacts about 1/4 in long. My thing is that I like to fix stuff the right way preferably fixing or repairing it. Not Jerry rigged. I don't know crap about clutches or atv motors really.

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Are your pictures showing the starter's hub's been bolted inside the flywheel/rotor ? Bad one.

If that's not what haappened, you need to inspect the part that runs on that bit in the first picture, which is the starter's hub.. And that hub in the picture needs replacing. It's for the starter's one way clutch. The one way clutch has a lot of oval rollers that jamb one way, but they have to slide over that hub when the bike's running..  That hub needs to be smooth and polished around it's periphery. If I'm wrong about the hub being inside the flywheel then you also need to inspect(and probably replace) the sprag/oneway clutch.

I can't quite make out what that stuff it that's smeared on the inside of the flywheel/rotor, but if I could clean that off nicely, and the bolt holes are still ok, I might refit that part. It's not a wearing part, if the new starter hub bolts on flat and concentric on the back, and the bolts do up seated in their countersinks properly it will be ok as far as I can tell from a photo.  I'd want to clean it up with a scraper though AND run my fingers over it feeling the surface was smooth and fit for the new parts to mate together.. 

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I would try to salvage as much of the parts as possible, just looking at OEM parts, really expensive, 1000.00 for rotor and stator, hope the stator isn't damaged, rotor should cleanup all right , you can get the broken bolts out, clean up the ratchet Pauls, couldn't really tell by the photos what else might be damaged. I know you don't want to sink a lot of money into it, or you will have more in it than its worth, Im running into the same problem with my Big Bear im fixing.

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Yup. I'd try to get it going cheap and have a ride and see if it doesn't perhaps any other problems.. well not too many anyway..

A lot of that stuff is non wearing and will be fine.  If the windings are not damaged then perhaps new pawls and springs and new allen key bolts.

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