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    • By Asen_77
      Hi All,
      Want to show you one automotive show that I filmed in my town called Crazy Race. This was two day race in Qualifications round, Semifinals and Final. In this 4 parts I am showing best moments from all rounds and entertainment of the show.
      Crazy Race Part 2 contains a qualifying round where all riders race against each other, selected by lot and split by two. They are free to drive in any direction and to hit their opponent's car everywhere except at the driver's door. Anyone who intentionally hit the other car in the driver's door is disqualified. Winner of each race continue in the semifinal round. In this part I will present the best moments of the qualifying round! 
      Part 3 shows you the best moments from Day 2 - Semifinals and Final. Battles in the semifinals are among the winners of the first day races, but this time they are selected by lot and divided into 4 battles of 4-5 cars each. The rules in each battle are that they only have to drive in one direction and try to neutralize other opponents until there are only two players left. Then the battle between the two last drivers has the rule to drive in any direction until only one who has qualified for the final round is left. Again, anyone who intentionally hit the other car in the driver's door is disqualified.
      For the final round there were only two cars left, because the other two players who got the right to be there had problems with their car and could not participate.
      Part 4 containing entertainments between battles and winners rewarding.
      This event will have second round in 05-06 October 2019 and also will be filmed  For this new round I will filmed in many new angels and places. Will prepare a lot more videos and many new entertainments . This 4 videos was my first try so many things to wish for better filming in the future one.
      Hope you will like them and of course feel free to comment and to ask everything. Hope you will Subscribe to my channel and to be first to see my other content and of course new round of Crazy Race! Thanks!
    • By Mike Johnson
      Hello again guys ,. I have a Quadmaster that has a very bad lean to my passenger side wheel. I replaced the a arm bushings with no change in the lean,  I see no bent parts and no adjustments available. It's always been there since I got it but became really noticeable when I put the lift kit on it. I'm going to add a picture of the problem if allowed.

    • By StolenATV
      Trailer loaded with four wheelers attached to truck in front of our house, . They pulled receiver out spun it around and left.. Came home no trailer or 4 wheelers.
      The post 2 ATVs and trailer stolen appeared first on STOLEN 911.
      View the full article
    • By StolenATV
      Blue and White Raptor 90
      White, Black and Yellow Raptor 90
      Blue and White WR450F Motorcycle
      VIN’s for ATVs
      Stolen from the yard at my home at night on 10/26/19.
      $2,000 reward for information leading to their return.
      The post Two (2) Stolen Yamaha Raptor 90 ATVs and a Yamaha WR450F Motorcycle appeared first on STOLEN 911.
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    • By ATVNetwork
      Feds to open Utah’s national parks to ATVs; advocates fear damage, noise they may bring
      The roar of ATVs could be coming to a Utah national park backcountry road near you under a major policy shift initiated by the National Park Service without public input.
      Across the country, off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs are generally barred from national parks. For Utah’s famed parks, however, that all changes starting Nov. 1, when these vehicles may be allowed on both main access roads and back roads like Canyonlands National Park’s White Rim and Arches’ entry points from Salt Valley and Willow Springs.
      The move was ordered Tuesday by the the National Park Service’s acting regional director, Palmer “Chip” Jenkins, who directed a memo to Utah park superintendents instructing them to align their regulations with Utah law, which allows off-road vehicles to travel state and county roads as long as they are equipped with standard safety equipment and are registered and insured.
      “This alignment with state law isn’t carte blanche to take their ATVs off road,” said agency spokeswoman Vanessa Lacayo. “If people [drive] off road, they will be cited. Protection of these resources is paramount.”
      Under the rule change, off-highway vehicles could roam Canyonlands’ Maze District and Arches’ Klondike Buffs — as long as they remain on designated routes. In general, ATVs would be allowed to travel roads that are open to trucks and cars.
      The directive, which applies only to Utah parks, triggered an immediate backlash from conservation groups, which predicted the move will result in a “management nightmare” for parks already struggling with traffic jams and parking clutter.
      Now the park service is inviting a whole new category of vehicle onto park roads, establishing new uses that will disrupt wildlife and other visitors’ enjoyment, warned Kristen Brengel, the National Parks Conservation Association’s vice president of government affairs.
      “These are national parks that have incredible resources, cultural resources, natural resources, and so by allowing these vehicles that are tailored to go anywhere, you’re potentially putting these resources at risk,” Brengel said. “The park service should be going through a public process, doing an analysis and making sure they can adequately protect the park and its resources and visitors. They haven’t done that.”
      Brengel said her group is conferring with its attorneys to consider its options to block the rule change.

      Setting the stage for this change in policy was SB181 enacted by Utah lawmakers in 2008, authorizing any “street-legal” vehicle on all state and county roads. For the past 11 years, the National Park Service has pushed back, closing park roads to these recreational vehicles under the rationale that it is too easy to drive them illegally off the roads.
      “The addition of off-road vehicle traffic on park roads will inevitably result in injury and damage to park resources. These specialized vehicles are designed, produced and marketed for the purpose of off-road travel, and they are uniquely capable of easily leaving the road and traveling cross country,” states a 2008 park service memo explaining why Arches and Canyonlands should remain off-limits to ATVs. “No reasonable level of law enforcement presence would be sufficient to prevent ATV and OHV use off roads. Park rangers will have no ability to pursue and apprehend vehicle users off road without adding to the damage they cause to park resources.”
      When Utah enacted SB181, all-terrain vehicles, which ride like a four-wheeled motorcycle, were the most used off-road vehicle. UTVs, or so-called utility terrain vehicles, equipped with side-by-side bucket seats, steering wheels, robust suspension and roll cages, have since eclipsed ATVs in popularity, as well as their ability to create impacts. They can be operated at higher speeds and can be so loud that occupants wear ear protection.
      Jenkins, who served most recently as the superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park, issued the directive after off-highway groups and Utah lawmakers led by Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, pressured the Interior Department to lift the prohibition.
      In a Sept. 2 letter to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, Lyman wrote that he is "offended" that the park service discriminates against off-highway vehicle owners, noting than nearly all of Utah's national parks are accessed from state and county roads.
      “The owners of street-legal OHVs comply with numerous laws and regulations to be given the privilege to drive on a wide range of state and county roads,” he wrote in the letter, signed by 13 other Utah lawmakers. “They also contribute to the maintenance of the state highway system through gasoline taxes and registration fees.”
      Lyman is the former San Juan County commissioner who became a political celebrity after organizing an off-road vehicle protest ride though Recapture Canyon, which resulted in misdemeanor convictions, 10 days in jail and a reputation as a public lands warrior.
      Adding pressure were UTV Utah and Utah OHV Advocates. According to the groups, Utah is home to 202,000 registered OHVs, or off-highway vehicles, the broad category that includes UTVs and ATVs.
      “Despite being one of the largest groups of public land users, and even though the economic benefit of our community dwarfs most other recreational users combined, we often find ourselves discriminated against by decision-makers that head public land agencies,” the groups’ presidents, Bud Bruening and Brett Stewart, wrote in a joint July 29 letter to Bernhardt. “In Utah, this discrimination is particularly acute when it comes to the National Park Service.”
      Many southern Utah county commissioners had lobbied for this change in the hopes of widening riders’ options for roaming Utah’s public lands. Counties maintain many of these back roads, according to Newell Harward, a Wayne County commissioner who welcomed the rule change.
      “We are happy with it,” said Harward, whose county includes Capitol Reef National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. “It will increase some tourism issues with folks who want to use some of these roads with street-legal UTVs. I don’t know the difference between those and small Jeeps [which had always been allowed]. I’m hoping people will pay attention to the laws and stay on roads. If they don’t, then this is going to get backed up.”
      Glen Canyon had already loosed its rules a few years ago, when it developed a new travel plan allowing ATVs on roads around Circle Cliffs. But that was only after a public process, an environmental review and a final decision that has yet to be formally implemented, according to Neal Clark, staff attorney with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.
      “UTVs are built for one reason, which is off-road use. That is the purpose for the existence of these machines,” Clark said. “They’re loud and obnoxious and because of that they’re completely contrary to the reasons that people travel from across the globe and across the country to visit national parks.”
      Article Source: https://www.sltrib.com/news/environment/2019/09/28/feds-open-utahs-national/

      View full post
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    • By trev0006
      Ducati Motorcycle Models Males vs Females

      Ducati Motorcycle Models Males vs Females
    • By jerod400ex
      I kinda like the style of the can am ds450 and just curious if anyone has some useful information tht might be useful? and how they compare to the other 450's
    • By oerytb
      I am new here and this my first time that I write here.
      I own Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 1993 that I am Restoring.
      my question is regarding the models differences of YFM400 series FW/FWNP....
      Thanks in advance
    • By Ajmboy
      I'm starting this thread for random entries on what we can all find out, about what will be new for 2011. ATV model changes, new atvs in a manufacturer's line up etc. So if you found something online, read something, saw a picture...post it up!
      I read that Honda will have its:
      2011 Honda FourTrax Recon Utility ATV
      Available in Red and Olive colors.
      2011 Honda FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Utility ATV
      Available in Red, Olive and Natural Gear Camouflage.
      2011 Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon Utility ATV
      Available in Red, Olive and Natural Gear Camouflage.
      2011 Honda FourTrax Rincon Utility ATV
      Available in Red, Olive and Natural Gear Camouflage.
    • By quadcrazy
      Arctic Cat has unveiled a handful of early release models for 2010. The Minnesota-based manufacturer is mostly showing off some new paint, but the smallest member of the Prowler family has been given a new “XT” package of eye-catching and functional goodies, while the ATV lineup is highlighted by a 700 TRV without the cruiser trim.
      Of course, these are only the early release models and if 2009 is any indication we can expect a much bigger splash from Arctic Cat in the coming months. For those with short memories, Arctic Cat went hog wild in 2009 with a veritable cornucopia of new and updated ATV models headlined by the TRV 1000 H2 Cruiser, as well as a brand new 550cc powerplant. In addition, the 2009 Prowler lineup was bolstered by the high-powered 1000 H2 XTZ and the 550 Flat Bed.
      New Camo
      Arctic Cat has an all-new Advantage Timber Camo pattern in the 700H1 EFI and 550H1 EFI for 2010. According to Arctic Cat, the latest consumer analysis shows that Camo ranks very high in color preference. In fact, just 54 percent buy Camo for hunting, while the other 46 percent choose it because they like how it looks.

      2010 700H1 EFI and 550H1 EFI:• 550 & 700 EFI Engine• New Body Styling on the 550• Duramatic Transmission• Standard Digital Gauge• New Electric 2WD/4WD/Differential Lock• Ride-In Suspension• Black Painted Wheels• 10” Front and Rear Suspension Travel• 11” Ground Clearance• 2” Receiver Hitch• New Advantage Timber Pattern
      Let’s Get Dirty
      The 700 MudPro has been a bit hit for Arctic Cat. Simply put, it’s the only way to get all these mud features standard on an ATV with factory warranty. Arctic Cat feels that this niche category has exploded, as the MudPro was its top selling 700 model in 2009.

      2010 Arctic Cat 700 MudPro:• 700 EFI Engine• Duramatic Transmission• 4.0 Gearing and Clutching• Snorkel Air Intake• New Electric 2WD/4WD/Differential Lock• Heavy-duty Front and Rear Bumpers• Standard 3000 lb Winch• 28x9-14 Maxxis Zilla Tires• Aluminum Wheels• 10” Front and Rear Suspension Travel• 14” Ground Clearance• Arctic Metallic Green
      Double Your Pleasure
      Despite the current economic situation, Arctic Cat says the 2-up category continues to grow, out-pacing the ATV industry. For 2010 Arctic Cat has introduced the new TRV 700. It’s basically the same as the TRV 700 Cruiser that was introduced last year, only without the touring box, heated handgrips and windshield. It’s more in line with the popular TRV 550. Both the TRV 700 and TRV 550 are now available with new Metallic Black paint.

      2010 Arctic Cat TRV 550 & 700:• 550 & 700 EFI Engine• Duramatic Transmission• Standard Digital Gauge • New Electric 2WD/4WD/Differential Lock• Removable Rear Seat• Optional Rack and Cargo Box• 10” Front and Rear Suspension Travel• 11” Ground Clearance• 2” Receiver Hitch• Metallic Black Paint
      Going Green
      Debuted on the Team Arctic Mud Pro 700 in 2009, the Metallic Green paint was a hit with dealers and consumers. So for 2010, Metallic Green will adorn two LE models; the 700H1 EFI and the Thundercat 1000H2 EFI.

      2010 Arctic Cat 700 & 1000 Thunder Cat Limited:• 700 & 1000 EFI Engine• Duramatic Transmission• Deluxe Digital/Analog Gauge• New Electric 2WD/4WD/Differential Lock• Race-inspired Ride-In Suspension• Heavy-duty Front and Rear Bumpers• Standard 3000 lb Winch• 10” Front and Rear Suspension Travel• 11” Ground Clearance• 2” Receiver Hitch• Arctic Metallic Green
      Blue Prowler
      The Prowler 700 XTX in Steel Blue returns for 2010. Arctic Cat says this Side x Side is one of its most popular models.

      2010 Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX:• 700 EFI Engine• Duramatic Transmission• Deluxe Digital/Analog Gauge• Electric 2WD/4WD/Differential Lock• Ride-In Suspension• Black Painted Wheels• 10” Front and Rear Suspension Travel• 10” Ground Clearance• 2” Receiver Hitch• Tilt Steering• Rear Turf Saver Differential• New Advantage Timber Pattern
      XT Goodies for Prowler 550
      New for 2010 is the Prowler 550 XT. The XT package includes the addition of aluminum wheels, bumper and 600lb cargo box. Available in Red, Green and Lime Green.

      2010 Arctic Cat Prowler 550 XT:• 550 EFI Engine• Duramatic Transmission• Standard Digital Gauge • Electric 2WD/4WD/Differential Lock• Ride-In Suspension• Aluminum Wheels• 10” Front and Rear Suspension Travel• 10” Ground Clearance• 2” Receiver Hitch• Available in Red, Green and Lime Green
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