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  1. These Motosport RZR wheels are sweet. Project Weekend Warrior RZR: Wheels and Tires - Phase 1 for Polaris RZR - ATV at Off-Road.com I gotta get me some of them....
  2. Have you checked LTE. they make duals for a number of makes and models.
  3. I think you could do it but like some others said I would NOT advise it. I once had a set of dune paddles/ wheels and they had multiple sets of holes in them and so would fit multiple bolt patterns. I did use them on multiple quads with no problems. I also think it would depend on the type of wheel and the strength of that center section.
  4. yea the 2009's are sweet. Here is some more info on them: KTM Launches 2009 450 SX and 505 SX at RedBud - A premium machine at a premium price - ATV at Off-Road.com I heard they are not going to have an "Official" Factory MX team for 2009 although they may support a team through a dealer or something.
  5. The stock YFZ shocks are pretty darn good but since you have put wider arms that has probaly softened them up. But are you bottoming in the rear or the front? There is different versions of the YFZ shocks also. Do you have high and low speed compression adjustability or a single compression adjustment? Where is your compression adjustment set at now?
  6. by stance do you mean that you want it wider? A stock 660 or 700 is not really any wider than a stock Warrior. And changing a rear shock is not going to change teh stance either unless you are meaning something different. there is not alot of people making aftermarket a-arms for the Warrior. Lonestar is probaly your best bet for after market a-arms. Yamaha ATV Parts - Yamaha Warrior Aftermarket and Performance Products | Lonestar Racing
  7. This is usually the result of overfilling it with oil just like Stoopidbot1 suggested. Did you check the oil when it had been sitting cold or after it had run for awhile?
  8. Nate, most any ATV racing series will classify your Suzuki as a utility quad. What you need to look for is some local Harescramble type series. Yes you could race a national GNCC but that is probaly not the best place to start. I see AMA district 23 has some Quad hare Scrambles: ARMCA Minnesota District 23 -- Home Page
  9. What year Warrior? How fast do you want to go? Are your tires spinning faster when you rev it?
  10. I never had much luck with the aftermarket CDI's on the YFZ. The stock one always worked the best and was the most reliable.
  11. I just hope the kid learns a lesson from it. Sounds like his dad is being reasonable so maybe he will.
  12. some of the shocks like the YFZ shocks, the TRX shocks, and the DS 450 shocks are very good shocks and just as good as any aftermarket shock when rebuilt. I don't know that I can say that about the stock 400EX shocks though. How about some WORKS shocks? They are a decent shock that is less expensive than the Elka but alot better than your stockers.
  13. Zapp. You will be converted from Honda .......

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