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Honda 450S Foreman Alignment


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I have a 1998 450S Foreman and my brother has a 2002 450S Foreman. We both bought them new. Ever since I purchased the machine it was very hard to keep it straight on pavement over 20 mph. My brother says the same thing about his. I just noticed after 8 years that the tire wear on the left front is worse than the right front. Measuring the distances from the rear of the rims and the front is over 1.25". One wheel was toed out dramtically....my brother's too. I adjusted mine so the dimensions are the same from front to rear on the rims and it drives perfect now. We are wondering why this is on the same model 4 years apart. Strange. I'm sure there is a toe-in toe-out dimension but our ATV's toe-out on wheel is dramatic. Does anyone out here know about this or has the same pr:confused:oblem? Very curious, in Curtice, Ohio. :skeptic::skeptic::skeptic::skeptic:

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Yeah BuckBilly is right: checking the alignment is not part of the dealer assembly or PDI pre delivery inspection. i am unsure about their logic for this but am sure it has to do with the 4 wheel drive. and they WON'T pay for it under warranty.

Your tires and the traction surface will make it more noticeable of course.

When I changed tires on my 660r, it about threw me off on pavement....turns out it was toed-IN over an inch!!! It didn't know which way to go!

You can change the toe on your Hondas with a tape measure and some patience, it's easy.

Sorry, refresh my memory: isn't the Foreman the one with full-time 4WD or is that the Rubicon? One required aftermarket parts to make it 2WD, I dont remember which is which. At any rate, I think they toe-out to enhance straight line stability at low speeds- they're not highway rigs of course. It's good you found it. go to 'zero' or toe in like 1/4 inch and see how you like it! Honda did that for a reason but I'm not sure it was a GOOD reason.

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I always mix up the Foreskin and Rubycorn as they were SO similar for several years, but the Rubicon was the Cadillac of that class.

toe out a 4x4, toe-in a sport quad like you would a 2wd car. mine is toed-in 1/4" and it took a whole afternoon to get it all right, but it's worth it! my tires still look like new and steering is smoooooth..... Bot1 will testify to that! I am sorry DrtyGrl didnt get a chance to ride my Raptor- it's kind of an experiment on wheels....

If anyone needs more instruction on how to check alignment, I'll be happy to help you. just let me know! ;p

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After reading this thread, I wonder....so 4x2 is usually toed in and 4x4 toed out? Is this correct, and 01 foreman hondas and up can be both. Mine is 2 and 4 whel drive selectable (07 trx500fe foreman). It is toed out a bit and the service manual says it should be toed out about 1/4" I believe. She seems to handle just fine off road and a bit wobbly on road ay higher speeds in fifth gear, but she is an off road bike so not real worried about on road handling or should I be...?

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