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The Haro Bullster Street ATV Quad


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The Haro Bullster Street ATV Quad

Article By: Robert Boop

Want to go for an exhilarating lap around downtown? The Haro Bullster sports a brand new approach to the ATV quad formula. The gravelled road has been abandoned for rubber-gripping tarmac.

Our aim has been to conceive and develop a full-focused street quad. With the Bullster our vision has materialized.


From its compact fuel-injected Euro 3 approved four-stroke engine to its fully independent suspension and rear axle differential, there are no compromises. The shocks are fully adjustable. Disc brakes front and back. Free to choose components from the very best suppliers worldwide, we offer the ultimate in motoring excitement and accessibility.


A race quad for the road, the Bullster still has a price tag that will leave money to top up the fuel tank.

Engine: Four stroke single cylinder

Cylinder: Light alloy cylinder

Bore/Stroke: 90 mm/78 mm

Displacement: 497 cc

Power: 38 hp (21 hp) @ 6500 rpm

Torque: 40 Nm @ 4500 rpm

Valves per cylinder: 4

Timing system: SOHC, chain drive

Compression ratio: 10

Max rev.: 7500 rpm

Cooling system: Liquid cooled with pump, fan

Fuel system: EFI

Lubrication: Wet sump

Ignition: Electronic CDI with TPS

Anti-vibration: Countershaft

Clutch: Automatic centrifugal clutch

Transmission: CVT-V belt drive & automatic

speed variator and park, reverse

Final drive: Shaft drive

Engine brake: Yes

Start in gear: Yes

Emission: Euro 3 (2002/51/EC)/2006 US EPA


Final drive: Shaft with rear diff.

Transmission: P/R/N/D

Drive system: CVT

EBS (Engine Braking System): Optional


Front suspension: Independant, double A-arm,

5 stage preload settings, Option: adjustable

oil/gas-damped, continuously preload settings.

Rear suspension: Independant, double A-arm,

5 stage preload settings, Option: adjustable

oil/gas-damped, continuously preload settings.


Front & rear: Dual 200 mm hydraulic disc

Contributing partners:

prototypes by CEIIA.


Front: 195/45R15

Rear: 215/40R16


Wheelbase: 1280 mm

Dry Weight: 270 kg

Fuel capacity: 17 L

Ground clearance: 137 mm


Gauge Type: Digital

Speedometer/Odometer: Standard

Tachometer: Standard

Tripmeter: Standard

Hourmeter: Standard

High beam indicator: Standard

Gear indicator: Standard

Fuel gauge: Electric

Warning lights: Hi temp/Oil pressure

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