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Do you think it's worth taking off the plastic and to get new? The back plastic has one small chip and the front has a crack. But do you think I should take it off and get the new remade stuff?

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No the ones I have now are a little bit damaged. The new ones are brand new. I was wondering if since the origianl ones are already a bit damaged, if it's even worth putting after-market plastics on?

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i damaged my rear plastics with about 3 races left in the season last year. i didn't want to get new plastics cause i only had like three races left...i doctored mine up, well my husby did actually, with zip ties..he crossthreaded them...they looked like stitches...they held up good, actually i'm still runnin those back fenders...i'm not changing them until the mud/snow series is over...i can't believe how well they've held up butttt then again hes got probably 50-75 straps holding them together...i'll try to get a picture of them tomorrow in the daylight so you can see what i mean..

it's a good way to not have to buy new fenders right away if you don't have the money....plus you also have to think...do you ride the quad to look pretty or are you afraid that buying new ones will put you in the same boat you're in after a few rides? depends on how rough you are on them...if they're not that damaged and can be salvaged and you dont have to have new, i'd try to same 'em. just my thoughts...i'm a cheapo but ya gotta be when you spend as much as we do on racing...

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What trike are we talking about??????

In my Opinion.....If you can keep the Stockers on a Trike keep them on.....Repair if needed....New plastic looks good.....but if the Rest of the Trike looks like hell....New plastic will just Magnify the Ugliness of the Rest of it.....LOL!!!!

Lets see a pic of your Trike....Or have I/????

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Well my trike is a 1984 Honda Big Red. The rear has a small chunk of plastic out of the side. All the rubber is good. The front fender is cracked. I guess if they are already cracked or pieces are missing pieces then it's probably not worth putting new ones on? Thanks for all the input.

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No,,,,what I was saying was,,,,stock plastic in the END is worth more than the Aftermarket....But if its beat its Beat and time to move to the Aftermarket....

You are going to spend a few bucks on plastic...You should ask yourself if its worth it or not....if you do this.....Half the bikes worth is in plastic....:huh: Might just be putting Lipstick on a Pig.....Know what I mean????

Love the Big Red though.....I believe First yr. with Reverse Last yr. of the chain Drive...

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