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Plane landing on Hudson


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Holy crap!!!!! I think this guy just might be related to God. He landed a plane with no engines on the river in a way that most passengers didn't even get their feet wet and I have a hard time landing my quad on dirt without taking a total digger. If you didn't see or hear about this you gotta check it out.

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Yeah, it's insane. He landed it on the hudson river after going through a flock of geese and losing his engines. It's all timing...he had the Hudson River there and the ability to think quick. Emergency personel and Ferry Boats were there in a matter of minutes. The captain is an experienced Air Force pilot and is into the art of aviation. He deserves all the praise in making sure he saved all his passengers and crew. That's an Airbus A320 US Airways.







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That is awesome thanks for the extra pictures. This guy is a true hero. They said if his landing would have been anything less than perfect it would have been a disaster. And after reading his experience you can't chalk it up to luck, this guy is just that damn good.

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The Pilot lives in a town not far from me....

Danville plans hero's welcome for pilot

By Matt O'Brien

Contra Costa Times

Posted: 01/19/2009 10:20:42 AM PST

Updated: 01/19/2009 11:33:15 AM PST

DANVILLE — Town officials plan on hosting a downtown Danville welcome back party Saturday for celebrated pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenburger III, said Mayor Newell Arnerich.

Sullenberger steered a US Airways jet into the Hudson River on Thursday after the plane reportedly struck a flock of geese, crippling its engines.

The safe landing and rescue of all 155 passengers and crew attracted international attention to the Danville pilot and an invitation to the Tuesday inauguration of incoming President Barack Obama. The pilot's wife, Lorraine, and their two daughters are scheduled to join him at the inauguration ceremonies.

When they return home later this week, and after they have a moment to relax, town officials said they want to have a party for the family in the Old Town area. Plans for the community celebration have not been finalized.

Sullenberger has had a busy schedule since the Thursday water landing, spending much of Saturday recounting what happened to investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board, which examines the causes of all aircraft accidents.

The pilot was scheduled to make his first public interview on The Today Show this morning, but host Matt Lauer told viewers that the appearance was postponed.

The U.S. Airline Pilots Association, of which Sullenberger is a member, wrote a letter to the Sullenberger family's newly hired spokesman asking the family to halt all media activities for the time being.

Stephen Bradford, the union's president, wrote that the association has an "interested party" status with the national transportation board that allows it to participate in the investigation.

"If the NTSB perceives that we are in any way compromising the objectivity of the investigation by innocuously releasing information to the media, our status will be rescinded and we will be unable to help determine the causal factors leading up to this very positive and well-documented outcome," Bradford wrote.

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That is awesome it is still in one piece. Everything surrounding that event is incredible. Usually everything on the news is negative this was a nice change of pace from all the usual death and destruction.

I agree. I actually know a guy who was on it..turns out. He owns an auto shop not far from me and was flying south to look at a race car engine.

Patterson man tells of plane's descent | lohud.com | The Journal News

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