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The ride from hell...... <GRIN>

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Some of you know my health hasn't been that great; I haven't ridden in a while and finally had a chance to get out last weekend for an "easy" ride...

NOT! LOL!!!!!

Long story short, I had to bench press a Kawie Prairie out of mud ruts TWICE, and our riding buddy blew THREE tires off their beads, PLUS he blew a tie rod......

The video isn't all that exciting.......8:00 in is yours truly winching someone out of a creak......not exhilarating, but if you're bored, and have nothing to do for 10 minutes, give it a peek....

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFt1sPtLm2Q&feature=channel_page]YouTube - AVI 0002[/ame]

-Tom D

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Who was having the trouble?

Friend of ours...Pete....goes by Rrocke17 on The ATV Zone....

I was bench pressing his wife's quad in the mud bog while Pete was getting towed by another friend of ours.....

4 Kawies (3 BF's, 1 Prairie)........

Hell....we were cracking up the whole time! :D


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