One of the coolest pictures i've ever seen.

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That's pretty cool... I really want to try dune riding!

But it is a long drive from the north East.

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    • By CK1999_400ex
      :yes: wanted to start new post with nothing but extreme atv riding pics :yes:
      so with that said here is the first pic!!!
      is is of me jumping off a cliff at a local sand and gravel pit here in Terre Haute Indiana

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      Funny Motorcycle Pictures Sep 15 - 2013

      Funny Motorcycle Pictures Sep 15 - 2013
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      Get your winter riding pictures up, there's been snowfall all over the country. Lets' see some pics. Make sure you upload to the gallery winter section:
      Winter ATV Riding, Snow, Ice, Frozen Lakes QUADCRAZY ATV Community
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      I was surfing online and saw a couple of awesome lanscape atv pictures...

      Post your lanscape pics if you have any.