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  1. Came upon these signs from the backside off of a legal riding area. Boy were we surprised.
  2. For sale 2009 Polaris Ranger RZR 800EFI Nuclear Sunset LE 257 Miles Add-ons include: Fuel can mount, Radio with speakers box, Winch with synthetic rope, headache net, mirror, rear box and glovebox bag, brush guards, slider rails, windshield, upgraded programmable controller, upgraded clutch kit, new twin pipe header and exhaust. Approximately 16K invested.. asking $11,000. I am located in the Poughkeepsie, NY area. I would rather not ship this, but could work with you if you are interested. Contact me at [email protected]
  3. .....I am not linked with him on FB.. ok Friend request sent...
  4. ????? Don't leave me hanging like that Tom...
  5. The only issue with Mass is you need to register separately in Mass to be legal. They do not recognize NY Reg.
  6. I have been on many of those hunting trips. we just hunt thin bottles that are just a bit taller.
  7. At least he can admit what he has made obvious :biglaugh:
  8. Unfortunately it is like a lot of NY. There are tons of trails, but none of it is legal. Unless you are up in Tug Hill, or in a private park you run the risk of running into your local constabularies. I am just a bit south of Kingston and would not be surprised at all that there is lots of good riding. But you would need a local to point you in the safest directions.
  9. That is FUNNY! :hurrayc::hurrayc::hurrayc::hurrayc:
  10. I bet there is much more to this story than is coming out in the press.
  11. THAT is SOOOO Funny... I have to copy some of those down!
  12. I have a sportsman 90 that I have been thinking about putting a pair of LED flashlights into the fake headlamp assembly. More to be seen... than for practical illumination.
  13. MWKE, I don't know where you find all of this stuff, but this one is PRICELESS!
  14. Ow!!!! OW!!!!!!... OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I guess work is rotting my brain. I only made it to the second question!

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