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Palmer's Farm Mud Bash *10-10-09*

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Well yesterday we had the last Palmer's Mud Bash for this year, and turned out ok. Well better for me =D

Well yesterday me, and my dad left about 6am from home, and got there about 7:30-ish I think. Since it rained thursday, and friday it was really muddy that day. So had a nice coat of mud on the ATV,me, and a lucky guy asked for a ride LOL...

Worked at the front gates mostly all day besides goofing off for few breaks since they werent doing anything at the front gates so took some pictures, and after I took these I wished I took some better close up pictures on some.


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Ahh nice coat of mud after lunch. Was the most muddy ATV there.


Ok tell me whats missing on this truck lol.. When they pulled up today. I couldnt help but laugh . I didnt noticed it until I was marking the front window, and was going to check if they got a cooler in back.


Here they was doing 50/50, and giving away few stuff on top of that tractor lol.... Giving away a car radio,shirts,hats,stickers, and some other stuff.








I find this kind funny because where the ford is sitting is where it got stuck at lol...




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