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You know,,,,,I sure hope you guys make the Dune Clean up we Through out there in April. 2 hours of cleaning up the Beach you guys ride in to make these Videos isnt allot to ask....

Then after Work is done.....We can get about 20 Sand Wizards and you guys out on the Sand for Video and Pictures....:yes:

BTW.....I moved this thread in here......

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I'm curious of why you are asking for sponsors? Is that all you guys do is trail/dune ride? Why would someone sponsor that?

Cool Video.

Thank you.. Our plan is to eventually make a full length DVD, the DVD would be slower paced editing, showing the landings, more scenic shots...etc. The sponsors that we have acquired so far just use the advertising that we give them on youtube and through forums/reviews, and when we make a DVD they will have a sponsor position in it. Discovery Point Resort sponsored us because we can offer them advertising to Oregon dune riders and out of staters that plan to stay there. i-shock suspension offered us an 80% off sponsorship, until they are financially stable to give us a full sponsorship, but we respectfully declined until they can offer us a full sponsorship. We also have Utopia Optics and Globe Shoes as sponsors, but they are temporary. So I guess it comes down to people seeing what we use in our videos and what we suggest to use as far as ATV products that give these companies face time in the public.

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Yeah i have wanted to do the dune clean up for a couple years now but im always going somewhere to ride...lol we will be there for sure this year, we could make a video about the whole event and try to get the word out more, I know we got to keep the dunes clean if we want to continue to ride, thats why we make the videos to help get more people out there on the sand!! Ok im putting the dates on my claendar now!

Spread the word about our videos, we want to get as much feedback as we can and bring the people videos that they want to watch over and over!

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  • 3 months later...

We are in the process of making our Flyer's for the Dune Clean up.....If your Team is still interested in this let me know and we can add you to the Flyer....Nice way of getting your name on all the Business's in town and Out as we are in OR. WA. and CA....Plus they will be posted on the Net at our Sponsors Web Sites....If you or Discovery PT. want to be involved let me know Soon....

Or would you like me to contact Discovery Pt??????

Thanks man....

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Ill just call them this morning.......I cant find an email link on the site.....

BTW....If anyone is interested in camping on the dunes.....This place has some Great Full Hook Up sites and Cabins....Looks like the condos are for rent as well.....:wink:Might just have to try one of those one time.....I also see a 1/4 ownership deal as well....Ill check on that when Im sippin my Capt. and coke on the balcony wearing my Smile and Speedo:biggrin:


GIT IT RAGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes we are definatly still interested. Spartan Racing is now a part of LocalHeroesNW.com so we would like you to include Local Heroes NW on the flier, we will be attending the clean up for as many days as we can. We will alo help spread word about the event. If you ever want to contact us our direct email is [email protected] We would love to coordinate some rides and do some more filming, let us know if you have any rides planned. our new local heroes website will be up real soon, you can check out www.localheroesnw.com

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Just Checking in on ya!!!!

Seth has the Flyer put up....I have also listed the flyer here....Maybe you could print a few out and maybe send a couple to DPR so they can put them up in the windows of the store and in the shop??? They never did call me back on a sponsorship..:no:

Email me again please...I seem to have lost your Email....:huh:

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