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Besides Foxchic,,,,,,Who here is on Facebook?????

I need More FREAKIN Neighbors in FARMVILLE DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just looked at a Friends Farm....He has 56 Freakin Neighbors,,,,I Have 9!!!!!!!!!

So look me up.....If you dont want to play that is fine....Ill just take my ball and go home:laugh:

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PM Sent to Scott.....

If you want I can send you my Name Ajmboy:wink:

Sure PM me, so that I can add you if I sign up.

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The offer is only good if you sign up and be my neighbor:wink: I need to expand my farm you know:laugh:

Gotcha, I'll let you know when/if I sign up...:yes:

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i play farmville well i did but my wife kinda took over the farm lmao but we will add you or you can add us i know how it feels to need neighbors it frickin sucks anyway you can find us on facebook if you type in Kenny -Dawn Moheit then hit search and anyone else who is on facebook can add us as a friend if they want

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Very Nice Shadow!!!!!!!!!! Ill look ya up a little later this AM.....Ill PM ya my info....

So Far the Real Men around here are my Neighbors....Buckbilly,Scott, and the little lady Foxchic....If we can get enough people to participate I think they will let us build a TT Track inbetween our Farms...:wink::laugh::laugh:

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