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2000 Yamaha Warrior 350 Idle screw

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You need to fix the carb problem you are having before you worry about the idle adjustment. Now, when you say idle screw, are you talking about the fuel screw on the bottom of the carb in front of the float bowl, or the hand screw for the throttle adjustment? Has it been a while since the machine was run, because it sounds like it is not getting enough fuel. A good carb cleaning will probably help if this is the case.

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You guys are right it has definatley been sitting awhile not sure exactly how long I sold it to my brother in law a couple years ago he didnt pay me so i went and got it he said it had been sitting but it ran great before he parked it he said he parked it because clutch cable broke(which I fixed) and to start it you have to cross it over at the syloniod ( I put another one on) but it didnt fix the problem do you guys have any suggestions on what that may be as well I actually thought of cleaning the carb what do you suggest to use for that ? tearing it down and soaking it in carb cleaner? I did drain the gas and put fresh in before I tried starting but I am sure there was fuel sitting in the carb all that time too just curious I appreciate your time and again thanks


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First, take it completely apart. That means EVERY part that comes off. Soaking the metal parts in a bucket of carb cleaner is ideal, but if you don't have a bucket already, they can be expensive. A gallon bucket of Chem-dip goes for like $40 up here. A can or two of regular carb cleaner will do fine as well. Do you best to remove any fuel residue from all areas of the carb and make sure all passages are un obstructed. The best way to make sure everything is clear is to blow compressed air through them. If you can't blow through some of the smaller holes, ie. jets, use a small piece of wire or carefully poke it out with a small drill bit. Make sure all your gaskets and diaphragms are in good shape and throw it back together. You may need to clean the tank and petcock too, and it probably would be a good idea to replace the fuel filter too.

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