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90 Suzuki lt250 quad RE:fair price for work

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Can anyone help me price out the labor for the following work? I did the work for a friend and wanted to know a ball park on how much it would have cost to have done.

Description of work done:

changed oil and filter

removed and installed:

plastic fenders,exhaust,racks,head,cylinder,valves,piston,battery,air box,air filter,carburetor

repaired fender cracks

repaired winch cable+controls

replaced cylinder rings+intake valve

rewired to bypass faulty switches

replaced starter button spring

fixed many lost bolts

adjusted rear brakes

installed gas cap vent

cleaned carburetor

adjusted valves

2 plugs in left rear tire

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I spent at least 35 hours on this project not including the running around for parts and the machine shop. Approximately how many hours would it take you for the described work? They are neighbours and I have already done them too many free jobs. I will probably be bartering for eggs and meat. Thanks.

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25 and Hr sounds about right for a home Mech....Its 75hr if you take it to the shop around here....

Some things I dont get....He is your friend but money wasnt discussed before you started work????

Is this a bunch of stuff you just fixed while you were there or was all the work discussed...???

Just seems a bit confusing to me....Lots of work to do for sure....But on the on other hand..Money and Scope of work I think was the most important...

At 25.....875 Plus Parts.....Around here....That is 2 butchered hogs and Eggs for life:wink:

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He had it fixed approx. 3 years ago, spent 600 at a shop and it ran for less than a month. The machine was sitting for three years stored in a barn. Needless to say it was a mess, the mice were all through it and the air box was their home. The machine wasn't running so I took it apart to see what was wrong. I discussed the various problem as I went along and made sure he wanted them fixed. He is a neighbor not necessarily a friend. He said that he knew I wouldn't rip him off so we didn't really agree on a labor charge. They aren't mechanically inclined and don't make the time to look after their stuff. They were jump starting it with their tractor because it wouldn't start with the starter or pull cord. I just wanted to have an idea of how much a shop or home mechanic would charge and if the number of hours were in the ball park. I spent a lot more time than that with running around but I thought 35 hours was fair as some of the stuff I had to research.

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Well,,,I guess you have covered your bases.....It really all depends on how much your time is worth to you and how much you have invested in parts...but the ultimate thing I think is you have to live next to them...

Is there any way that you could just call the local shop and have them Give you an Estimate over the phone on fixing what you have already Fixed.....Then assessing it from there????

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I hear you. I figure the quad is worth between 2000-2500 and my guess is a local shop would have charged at least 20 hrs@$85= 1720 plus there would be a mark up on the parts probably to 800 so the total would be $2530. I would charge a stranger around $25/hour but for the neighbor I figure $15 is more than fair and I did spend more than the 35 hours on it. I just wish someone could give me an idea that 35 hours is reasonable for the listed work. I know if I did it a second time I could shave the hours down. I figure investing 470 parts + 530 labor=$1000 sounds about right.

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