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  2. Is my ATV too old or does this part not fail? I'm surprised I have not got a response by now.
  3. My ATV started making a rubbing and clunking noise. I took the skid plates off and found that the front u-joint on the shaft that connects the front axle to the transfer case is toast. My manual does not reference this repair. Looking for instructions.
  4. I am assuming it is leaking from the overflow. Took the carb apart and it is clean inside. Put it back together and gas leaks out the host at the bottom. Tested to make sure the drain screw is not the problem when I had it off.
  5. I was out the other night for a few minutes and noticed the exhaust close to the motor was bright red. I searched the internet and saw suggestions that it may be running lean. Could this be it? How do I correct this?
  6. I have not had the cover off yet. Which side is it on? How does it come off?
  7. Do you have a picture? From what I have read there is no switch and you need to ground a green and white wire out of the CDI. The side effect is no reverse light.
  8. When I back up with a load on the atv makes a sort of muffled backfiring noise and does not seem to have very much power. Any ideas?
  9. Okay all is well. Reduced the air from 20 to 3.5, adjusted the rear mount lower and used a ratchet strap to put some load on the atv from the blower bracket.
  10. So what do I do? Will shock spacers help? Is this a good idea?
  11. Okay I did a little more digging and found that there is very little clearance if any between the support that attached to the ball and the bottom of the atv. Should there be clearance? If yes then how much? I also raised the blower legs because the blade was right on the ground. I tried the ratchet strap but there is no give because the support is basically on the bottom of the atv. I also noticed the guy has 20 psi in the tires, I think iot should be 3.5.
  12. He only used it twice because he didn't like it. My driveway is gravel and right now it is packed slushy snow. I guess it cant be used in any packed conditions and when moving it around the guide wheels are always down and get hung up on things.
  13. I just bought this blower mounted on an 05 Kodiak. I tried it out and my drive is soft and the guide wheels seem to dig in and the ATV gets stuck everywhere. Anyone familiar with tis? Is it setup wrong? Any advise would be appreciated?
  14. They didn't seem to have the bulb I needed. Dealer wants $12.99. Found it at napa autoparts for .74 but need to buy 10. Still ahead of the game. Im buying an ATV snowblower 15 hp mounted to the Kodiak. It is going to work out to 3800 for ATV 2300 for blower, new battery, winch and comes with a second seat and tool box. I think it is a descent deal.
  15. Okay thanks for the info. Another question, Where can I buy parts online for a descent price with shipping. I just need a bulb at this point.
  16. I am in Ontario, I did check around on the internet and couldn't find very much. I have a 98 big bear. I will look for the obvious signs but I guess there is still a bit of a gamble. Any ball park on the price?
  17. I hope this is the right spot. I'm looking at buying a 2005 400 4*4 Kodiak and wanted to know what to look for, how to check the mileage as there is no odometer and value.
  18. Yes dialup is a trade off for country living. I could get high speed but it isn't worth the price. The atv is a 2 stroke 4*4. Thanks.
  19. I'm on dialup so I figured I would try this forum first. I can get the manual for around $50 at the store so I thought I might do better online. I figured out the oil already.
  20. I recently rebuilt the motor on my neighbor's quad and I accidentally burnt the manual and now they are asking what oil to use so they can have some on hand. I know it was 10W40 but there was a minimum specifications like sp or sh. Also, does anyone know where I can get a cheap manual for this atv so I can replace the one I destroyed.
  21. I hear you. I figure the quad is worth between 2000-2500 and my guess is a local shop would have charged at least 20 [email protected]$85= 1720 plus there would be a mark up on the parts probably to 800 so the total would be $2530. I would charge a stranger around $25/hour but for the neighbor I figure $15 is more than fair and I did spend more than the 35 hours on it. I just wish someone could give me an idea that 35 hours is reasonable for the listed work. I know if I did it a second time I could shave the hours down. I figure investing 470 parts + 530 labor=$1000 sounds about right.
  22. I was hoping to find out from someone on this forum what a fair price for this job is. I was thinking 400-500 would be more than fair. The parts bill was $470.
  23. He had it fixed approx. 3 years ago, spent 600 at a shop and it ran for less than a month. The machine was sitting for three years stored in a barn. Needless to say it was a mess, the mice were all through it and the air box was their home. The machine wasn't running so I took it apart to see what was wrong. I discussed the various problem as I went along and made sure he wanted them fixed. He is a neighbor not necessarily a friend. He said that he knew I wouldn't rip him off so we didn't really agree on a labor charge. They aren't mechanically inclined and don't make the time to look after their stuff. They were jump starting it with their tractor because it wouldn't start with the starter or pull cord. I just wanted to have an idea of how much a shop or home mechanic would charge and if the number of hours were in the ball park. I spent a lot more time than that with running around but I thought 35 hours was fair as some of the stuff I had to research.

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