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I am trying to start selling used atv parts, it all started with a fortune cookie, it said follow your dreams, so I am going to do the atv business since I lost my job in December I need something to do since work in my area is hard to come by. So right now my first ATV is a 1987 YAMAHA WARRIOR 350 I have some parts on eBay but you can email me at [email protected] for parts I have left. Since the atv is so old most parts are not that great, but price changes when quality does, I don’t want to be one of them rip off guys on eBay, would love to start a local shop, so if you buy from me I can work towards that goal, I am investing all money back into the company, no pocket money here, I love this sport and want to keep everyone on the trails safe and happy to finish a ride with good parts and setups. The worst thing is to break down on the trail! Thanks for any support!

Ken George

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