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Crazy deal on sand tires!!

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    • By joshua91673
      hi every one .anyone out there my issue is my kick start wont stay out  i have to have some one pull it out.  it pull out easy just wont stay out to kick it over .kicks over and starts no problem 
      also does this quad have a ajust mint for the rear spring .it sags when i get on it .or is this normal . thanks guys for your time 
      first post 
      josh ohio
    • By 1998Zuki250
      Looking to see if anyone has any input on ATV Tires? 1998 Suzuki quadrunner LTF250
    • By Whiterabbit
      3500lb, synthetic rope lead and everything needed to install for........................................ $89 bucks!  I'm installing one on my '01 Bombardier Quest and it looks like a legit buy. If you have a RK nearby & you need a winch you might want to swing by before they disappear.
    • By n4cer26
      Just bought a non-running 425 Magnum 6x6. Guy said previous owner had motor rebuilt (3 years ago or so.) It reportedly ran great but recently the electric start began failing and he put a new recoil on it which he broke immediately.
      I get it home and put a new recoil on it and the pull is incredibly hard....so much so that I think I'm going to break the new recoil assembly. I also installed a new starter which won't roll it over either.
      I'm thinking maybe a hydro-locked situation so I pull the plug and the motor rolls over fine with both pull start and electric start. The cylinder was dry however.
      Checked the valve lash and it was right on at .0006".
      Checked the compression relief spring on the end of the cam and the spring was strong and keeps the metal piece against the dowel like it should. The cam lobes look good from what I can see.
      I have a small camera that I dropped into the cylinder. Could t get a pic of the entire chamber because of the angled engine but there are marks on the center piston and a couple of grooves once side of the piston top. I will include the photo.
      Anyway....I'm at a total loss at this point. Not sure how to proceed and diagnose. Would sure appreciate anyone's help who might know what the heck is going on! I was able to get it to turn over about 5 times with electric start with compression tester installed which read 145 lbs. I don't know what else to do!
      Sent from my SM-F926U using Tapatalk
    • By 86096
      I have a 1985 Suzuki LT230 GE quadrunner.  It has been stored in a shed for at least the last 15 years and has very low mileage.  Although the tires look and feel great... should I consider changing them since they are 38 years old?  I don't intend to ride to far or too fast but I don't want to have to walk out of the bush.  Any input would be welcome.
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