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2004 Kawasaki Prairie 700 Starting Problem


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I have issues with the starting of my Prairie. I live in a 4 season climate where it is really hard to get this to run and start when it is cold outside. (40 or below) During the summer months it runs great. From October to March it is a bear to start. I had this engine rebuilt a few years ago and the guy who did the engine work did a great job but did not know how to start my machine after finishing the work. He kept choking and using the throttle. Not sure if this has now screwed up the reason why I cannot get it start in the winter.

My manual says that when you start this atv you just choke it from a cold start. Wait until the unit obviously is starting to overload with gas with choke on. After that when it kills turn the choke off and restart the atv by just giving it gas and it should run after that.

Now again only during the cold months after being choked and kills. I try starting the quad with giving it some gas and will not start. Multiple times of restarting it it will eventually finally run again. Once it starts I have to keep my thumb on the throttle to keep it running or it will die and have to try starting it again numerous times. This has to be hard on my starter. What do I need to do to fix this like it was when I first bought this?

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I would try just turning the choke off before it loads up and dies. Did this problem start right after you had the motor rebuilt? If so, I would suspect that something he did may have caused this problem. If you can still get ahold of this guy, I would ask him if he changed anything like the carb settings and jetting. A pilot screw adjustment might help your problem. Tight valves can cause hard starting, you may want to check your valve lash too. Make sure your air filter is clean and a new spark plug wouldn't hurt any either. How old is your fuel?

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i have an 04 700 and it requires me to choke it almost every time i start it the 1st time .. i always slowly turn the choke off as it starts to load up ... it is the nature of the 04 an 05 to be choked when starting cold ... it can be 80 + out and it will have to be choked the first start of the day . i changed the air filter and put a uni in it and it has been easyer to start ..you should run a high octain fuel in it also .. as that will make it easyer to start ... and it will run better and cooler ...

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hi garmi minesota

from pontiacjim

what is happening, is the gas is not atomizing as fast when it is so cold . so when you think about that gas laying in the cyl. as a puddle , and its cold , it is going to take a hotter spark to get it to burn , that being said, check your spark plugs, wires , coils, battery, any thing to do with ignition, and when it is so cold the battery is less eficent , then the starter draws most of the juce from the ignition, and you end up with a no start. look for the little things , like poor grounding, not only loose conections, but under size wire from the battery to the frame, or wires that are badly oxidized. when it is so cold like that sometimes you can tell about this wiring stuff by jump starting , if it starts easy when you jump start , it probably is in the wiring . spark plugs if in doubt take them out , see if they are wet, if they are , the spark is probably going to ground before it gets to the tip where can ignite the fuel, new plugs.

hope this helps

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hi, ck1999-400ex

from pontiacjim

most of these have to be choked when they are cold , it is just the nature of the beast.

when they are cold the fuel just does not atomize properly,so when you pull the choke you reduce the air intake making for a richer mixture , so the spark plug can ignite it better,if the spark plug is in poor condition this will add to the problem.

hope this helps pontiacjim

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